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international seo translation vancouver bcYour content sings in your native tongue - all words precisely chosen, all paragraphs carefully crafted. Optimized data has never been so prettily packaged (or so effective). You’re generating high responses and higher sales, drawing local consumers to your site with ease.

It’s time, you think, to go international - which is why you run your content through a translator, wanting to simply copy and paste all of that perfection. You quickly discover, however, that this... doesn’t work.

When considering international SEO, content marketers too often rely on translation programs to adapt their data. This is a mistake, however, since these programs are unreliable. They lack the ability to establish context, with even top military computers only managing an 80% accuracy rating. Word choices prove obscure and meanings become lost.

It’s recommended, therefore, to avoid online translators (especially free ones). They have no understanding of cultural differences or expectations. They only offer confusion, twisting text into a vague echo of itself.

Instead of programs, Webstager suggests choosing an international team - like the one we boast - to piece together your content for overseas audiences. Human comprehension is crucial to establishing subtleties and relaying key points. It ensures that all data is presented correctly - and compellingly.

To learn more about international SEO contact us today.

In 1983 Motorola released its DynaTAC 8000X, a cell-phone that promised more than convenience. It was infused with dynamic technology, allowing users to access games (such as the ever-amusing Pong and the ever-undeniable Tic-Tac-Toe). This was the first instance of mobile applications being used, and it created a sturdy platform on which other companies built their networks.

Mobile applications - or apps - have become fused with the smartphone consciousness, promising consumers easy access to information, entertainment, tutorials and more. According to Forbes, approximately 179 billion programs were downloaded in 2014 and this number is expected to increase dramatically within the next five years.

What does this mean for SEO marketers? Webstager believes that app indexing will become a crucial part of every strategy, helping content rise through the engine ranks through responsive designs, optimized descriptions and traffic ranking meters - and we’re not alone in this assessment.

Google recently shared its unique wisdom on the download craze. Watch the video below!

App indexing will soon leave an indelible mark on SEO. Webstager recommends that marketers start preparing for the shift toward smartphones now - rather than waiting for the trend to officially begin.

To learn more contact us today.

video seo company vancouver bcSEO is no longer confined to text and images. It’s instead shifting to videos - with pixels delivering traffic, sales and brand authority. Creating dynamic footage promises high SERPs.

That promise can only be kept, however, by optimizing your production files.

Syncing videos onto your website isn’t enough to attract engines. You must instead fuse them with indexable information, helping to push them past the competition and into the search stratosphere. We suggest:

Take Advantage of Closed Captions

Closed Captions may prove frustrating to write (especially for technical tutorials or lengthy promotions). They will also, however, prove key to video domination: generating more content for engines to scan, index and rank.

Use the Right Tags

Search engines thrive on tags. Be sure, therefore, to link meta-data into every video - filling the headline, content box and brand page with searchable, relevant descriptions.

Optimize the Filenames

Cataloguing your footage by date and location streamlines the compiling process. It doesn’t, however, improve your SERP results. Optimize every name instead with a localized keyword, helping engines further rank your content.

The SEO journey is long. These simple steps, however, will make it far more pleasant... and far more productive. Increase your video marketing through closed captions, tagging and filename corrections.

To learn more contact Webstager today.

local seo company vancouver bcThe customer is always right. In the world of local SEO, however, the customer is the cornerstone on which every strategy rests.

Local SEO has one purpose - to drive traffic to web pages, targeting consumers through proximity and relevant content. These elements alone, however, aren’t enough to sustain viable sales. Instead marketers must understand the needs of their consumers (beyond keywords, conversions and social media).

According to Search Engine Land, users will choose local businesses over national chains based on:

Personalized Service: 96%
Trustworthiness: 91%
Customer Relations: 88%
Quality Products and Services: 86%
Reliability: 79%
Professional Staffers: 75%
Stability: 30%
Competitive Prices: 23%

The key to success isn’t local SEO. It’s instead the ability to fuse this tactic with superior service and products. Marketing will only lead consumers to the door. It’s up to the company itself to guide them through.

Launching a new local SEO strategy? Contact Webstager today! We’ll happily help you create content that showcases your brand’s value.

tumblr seo company vancouver bcFacebook, Twitter, Google Plus - these are SEO’s optimized trinity, connecting marketers to steady conversions and steadier sales. Every month they deliver billions of keyword searches and hashtag hits. None can deny their importance.

None can also deny, however, that the trinity has reached maximum social saturation - and SEO content needs new channels to maintain its appeal. We suggest Tumblr.

This blogging network - which began in 2007 - has proven popular with consumers, especially those in the critical 18 to 25 demographic. Its easy interfacing and fluid grid ensures fast content creation, and this makes it ideal for desktop and mobile strategies alike.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Unwrapping Tumblr:

Global rank among websites: 31st.
Monthly post rate: 2.5 billion
Monthly blog creation rate: 3.9 million
Monthly unique visitor rate (U.S. only): 36.8 million
Global trend index score: 85 out of 100

These stats prove the value - and viability - of Tumblr. The site delivers high-volume posting, allowing for social SEO domination. Add it to your network rotation to increase your targeting.

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager today.

twitter seo company vancouver bcIn the world of SMS platforming Twitter reigns supreme - delivering micro-blog messages to over 500 million users and generating a series of trends, tags and indexable moments. This network distinguishes itself from the competition through open source interfacing and byte-sized formats. It’s become a SEO necessity.

If content is posted at the wrong time, however, it becomes a SEO dead-zone.

When launching a Twitter strategy, users must understand that all posts are not created equal. Some will rise among the ranks, while others will instead become lost in the media crowd - and it’s often because of scheduling. Learn when to sync content to ensure greater exposure and higher CTRs.

Consider these suggestions, as provided by BufferApp:

Weekdays deliver +14% B2B engagements.

Weekends produce +4% B2C engagements.

Afternoon posts (particularly those centered around 5:00 p.m.) generate 6% of all total retweets, yielding the best results.

Afternoon posts (particularly those at noon and 6:00 p.m) generate the highest spikes in click-throughs.

Understand both the type of content - B2B or B2C - that’s to be posted and how it applies to the Twitter timeline. This will improve results for all social SEO strategies.

To learn more contact us today.

google hummingbird seo company vancouver bcSEO was once a blitz of keywords and purchased affiliations, all bundled into static pages. It delivered SERPs but not content, and consumers were forced to endure an endless series of sales pitches.

Google has changed this.

Since 2011 this search behemoth has stressed the need for quality (organic) data - and, to ensure this policy reigns within its index, it’s created custom algorithms to seek out both white hat and black hat techniques. It’s changed SEO... for the better.

Consider this timeline of Google’s algorithm releases, as provided by Business 2 Community:


Google released Panda, a content-based formula that targeted low quality sites (specifically those defined by keyword stuffing, doorway pages and swapped data). These sites were stripped of their high SERPs.


Google released Penguin, a Webmaster-influenced code that sought out link schemes and purchased rankings.


Google released Hummingbird, a search query algorithm that focused on how content was presented in both sites and engine bars. It emphasized the need for natural keywords, rather than paid strings.


Google released Pigeon, a localized formula meant to index information more precisely.

Through these programs Google achieved SEO domination... and SEO transformation. The engine has systematically redefined what it means to be a marketer - and consumers have reaped the rewards.

To learn more about creating a Google-friendly strategy contact us today.

search seo company vancouver bcIn 2004 the online world changed. Facebook -  a series of codes, pics and timelines - arrived, launching a trend that reigns even today. Networking suddenly became crucial and social touchpoints launched to the top of every index, connecting brands directly to consumers.

It was only to be expected, therefore, that SEO would follow this shift, funneling its efforts toward Facebook and the sites that followed (Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and others). Success was immediately found and many marketers abandoned their previous efforts, wanting to focus entirely on networking.

This was (and is) a mistake.

Traditional SEO efforts - such as blogging, on-site optimization or video creation - remain vital to today’s strategies. While none can deny the importance of social media, Webstager urges all marketers to consider this Outbrain statistic: Search is the number one driver of local and international traffic, achieving over 300% more leads than networks. Channeling all energy toward Facebook, therefore, is not recommended.

Blend all social media tactics instead with search-driven content. Focus on inbound marketing and canonical architecture. Enhance every page with headings, title tags and ALT-text; and create compelling blogs for readers to enjoy. This ensures stronger SEO and higher traffic.

To learn more about search and its effect on SEO contact us today.

local seo company vancouver bcA series of addresses and directory listings, a collection of title tags and page URLs: localized data shapes your site, with all HTML elements optimized. You’ve fused every page with Webmaster tools, certain they will attract engine crawlers and generate high SERPs.

Webstager knows, however, that local SEO goes far beyond source codes. It instead requires consistent (and relevant) content - with real-time data powering consumer interest and search queries alike. Pair every city-centric strategy with these localized options:

Case Studies

Create case studies to showcase both your services and your client base. These studies - which should feature references to local businesses, addresses, phone numbers and more - will provide tangible proof of your community involvement.

Local News

Local events make the local news, and your participation can as well. Sponsoring a promotion, festival or community drive? Create a flurry of social posts about it, driving traffic through phrase match queries and long-tail keywords.

Client Testimonials

According to Bright Local, 72% of consumers let online reviews shape their opinions about businesses. Integrating client testimonials is essential, therefore, in establishing your company as a local force.

By incorporating these content options onto your site, you ensure a greater local presence - one that will fuel high rankings and steady traffic.

To learn more about local SEO contact us today.

social seo company vancouver bcThe value of SEO is measured not in immediate SERPs but in extended loyalty. Optimizing content has the ability to create, and cultivate, long-term relationships - with consumers connecting to brands through blogs, videos, forum posts and, of course, social networks.

Networks allow brands to bridge the gap between conversations and conversions. Through marketing companies can inspire consumer trust, which develops into tangible relationships. Consider these statistics, as provided by Convince and Convert:

66% of users (ages 18 to 24) who follow companies on networks will remain loyal to those companies.

60% of users (ages 25 to 34) who follow companies on networks will remain loyal to those companies.

53% of users (35 to 44) who follow companies on networks will remain loyal to those companies.

This proves a strong correlation between social SEO and brand popularity, with key demographics staying true to companies throughout the years. This delivers high sales and powerful rankings - and who couldn’t benefit from both of those?

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager today.

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