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Implementing A Social Strategy

It’s a series of clicks - with consumers bouncing from feed to feed in a flurry of shares, likes, and reposts. They scroll; they watch; they comment. This is the easy pattern of social media. 

It’s also the beginning of your new marketing strategy.


Developing Social Media Solutions

Dominating search engines no longer proves the sole focus of marketing campaigns. Instead brands must establish themselves within the social sphere - fostering relationships with consumers across a variety of media platforms. Audience attention has shifted to short-form content that can be easily (and rapidly) explored; and this often occurs away from Google. 

As of 2022 there are an estimated 4.70 billion social media users.
Each user follows an average of seven social platforms.
Each user spends an average 95 minutes per day on those platforms.

Consumers dedicate themselves to their social feeds - and, through this, they can better connect with authoritative brand content. Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, audiences directly engage with the products and services they need; and these engagements can have massive impacts on shopping journeys.

Social Media Marketing FAQ

... have purchased from a brand after seeing products or services recommended on social media.

... rank brand familiarity on social media as a key factor in purchasing products.

... that have positive social media experiences with a brand will recommend that brand to others.

... communicate directly to brands via social media, ranking it as their main customer service channel.

The correlation between a strong media presence and consumer satisfaction cannot be denied. This is why implementing a distribution strategy is crucial.... and so is the Social Lead Generator. 

Automate Your Accounts: The Social Lead Generator 

Close-up of a woman holding a magnet that's pointed at a series of red, blue, and green icons of people.Struggle with feeds no more.

Webstager delivers a fully automated publishing solution that can instantly send information across your platforms - from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram. Our Social Lead Generator enables a seamless sync of all media accounts, affording greater efficiency (and less frustration) for your team. Achieve optimal control over your brand’s message. 

You can also better accommodate the challenges faced by your sales team. Though social media delivers proven results and can bolster sales, it can also leave brands overwhelmed - with marketers struggling to master its many nuances. 

54% of those utilizing a social media strategy report difficulties with time management.
53% of those utilizing a social media strategy report difficulties with resource management. 

By integrating our Social Lead Generator into your marketing strategy you can streamline the sales process - addressing both of these concerns. 

No longer struggle with time management. The Social Lead Generator simplifies publishing through its automated broadcasting technology - which allows you to create, schedule, and push content to all accounts directly from your website. Launch multiple campaigns in mere seconds, and eliminate the frustration of cross-posting to endless platforms. 

Resource management proves complicated. In conventional social media strategies, the use of a new software requires lengthy training - wasting valuable time and demanding the attention of multiple team members (who would be of more use focusing on promotional projects or assisting with customer service). The Social Lead Generator eliminates this concern, delivering a plug-and-play configuration that can be instantly mastered. Quickly input information and utilize its one-click submission system. 

The Social Lead Generator bolsters every marketing strategy, providing brands with the support they need - and the convenience they deserve. 

Additionally, Webstager offers access to a team of experienced media consultants who can invigorate your feeds. Among our available services are: account auditing; consumer research; custom content strategies; and synchronized event and product launches. We assess your current strategies and identify ways to enhance them, elevating the posting process so that you can master the art of social commerce. 

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