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Building The Next-Gen Experience: The Webstager CMS

It’s a series of ineffective templates - all limited by slow speeds and insecure connections, each demanding endless upgrades (for a price). You try to piece together a system that will propel your brand to the next level; but you find yourself compromised by third-party incompetence. 

You need a better website experience. You need Webstager and our proprietary CMS.


What Is A CMS?

A Content Management System - known more commonly as a CMS - is a software application that allows users to build websites without demanding an extensive knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, Python, and other programming languages. It affords a more intuitive infrastructure that enables easy page creation and plug-in integration. When executed correctly this option affords a seamless design experience. 

When executed poorly, however, it delivers frustration - and this proves an all too common concern for brands. Marketing strategies are often undermined by ineffective templates, and dealerships are faced with mounting security and performance issues.

CMS Performance Stats

... report multiple clean-up requests with their current CMS.

... report high bounce rates with their current CMS.

... report slow mobile response times with their current CMS.

... report slow desktop response times with their current CMS.

Third-party performance can lead to compromised web designs - with brands unable to build robust sites that will accommodate both their message and their consumers. A custom platform is instead needed to bridge the gap.

Our CMS: Choosing Webstager

Intuitive. Intelligent. Innovative. 

Webstager has crafted its CMS with care - ensuring that brands can quickly understand, and engage with, its many custom features. This proprietary platform delivers a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) design that blends drop-and-drag functionality with seamless plug-in integration. Through this our clients can effortlessly craft pages that speak to their specific design message. 

Page Creation

Utilize our Page Editor function and discover a variety of features - all standard. Add custom plug-ins (including real-time inventory streaming, slideshow carousels, and video displays); use SEO design functions, such as H1, H2, and H3 headings and metadata menus; directly access source codes for easy content management; and more.

Metadata Management

Our CMS allows for effortless metadata integration. Titles, SEO descriptions, headers, and localized keywords can be added to each page through our drop-down menu function - rather than requiring knowledge of programming language. Information can be published and edited with the press of a button.

Social Analytics 

Study your social media account performance with our integrated analytics plug-in. This feature monitors unique page views, Facebook and Twitter referrals, search engine results, and more to better understand consumer trends. Learn how to refine your marketing campaigns.

Site Analytics

Receive real-time traffic measurements for individual web pages, blog engines, and content hubs through our integrated C-Panel. Daily reports are automatically generated, affording brands instant access to key consumer patterns. Learn which content delivers the highest value for your site.  

Automatic Saves

Every change made to the CMS is automatically catalogued and time-stamped. Restore past content and design choices; or edit pages freely, secure that all information can be instantly recovered by the system. 

User Control

Create custom user profiles for your team members. Contact information, individual permission settings, and passwords can be set within the CMS - ensuring a secure web building process.

The Webstager CMS platform delivers an intuitive user experience, allowing brands to quickly generate pages that push through search rankings and dominate the competition. Master design; create content; and build a website that speaks to your consumers.

To learn more about our CMS platform - or to schedule a demonstration of our available plug-in features - contact Webstager today.