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Mimi Klingstat

Director of Partnerships

“Think outside the box?” 

Forget the box, says Webstager’s Mimi Klingstat. Tear it up, light it on fire, and act like it never existed.

The seasoned creative director has built a business reputation with a cornerstone of prescience—understanding where things are going and how her clients can get there ahead of the competition. You may call her a visionary, a seer, or even some kind of clairvoyant. Just don’t call her ordinary.

Mimi’s worn many hats as a Creative & Digital Marketing Research Scientist with more than two decades in web design, social media marketing, content marketing, and branding strategy. In 2002, she took the reins of the organic search market before anyone else was even saddling up, championing search engine optimization (SEO) for her clients and transforming user design and experience on their behalf. In so doing, she helped reshape an industry.

Since the turn of the millennium and the genesis of SEO, Mimi has cultivated an ever-widening mastery of the skills and disciplines behind growth marketing and content management. Now, she assembles blue-chip strategists from each side of the Atlantic that share her gift for inimitable creative intuition and top-notch results. Together, Mimi and her A-team of wunderkinds guide clients through every endeavor, from the design phase through to the finish line.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run a race with a ten-minute head start, you’re about to find out. Mimi’s ready to apply her boundary-pushing approach to your business.

When Mimi isn’t working to have your sales take flight, she’s spending time with a couple that’s almost as colorful as she is—Archie and “husband,” Mr. Bo, both Macaw parrots. Together with her life partner, Steven, Mimi works to bring awareness to organizations working on behalf of abandoned or abused exotic birds. An animal lover, Mimi also tends to several special needs kitties.

Photo of Webstager's Director of Partnerships, Mimi Klingstat