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All throughout my career, I've been traveling to interesting and exotic locations for work and pleasure, and I've always been drawn to unique spaces with charm, character and always had a unique experience. I've stayed at a quirky place in Paris that was the only English speaking book store beside the Nortre Dame cathedral and some really cool period hotels in New Orleans. Way better experiences than a big hotel. Parallel with that, I've always been a roll up my sleeves kind of guy, no bullshit, get things done uber creative type. Our teams share the same like minded values. So how could we convert all that energy on the raw pallet of a 30 year neglected estate?

So when the opportunity arose to move to a tired estate located a 40 minute float plane ride to Vancouver Island in the Mediterranean of Canada, I thought it would be really cool to combine the unique livingCalm Chaos Carriage House live edge douglas for counter top space of our own property we call Calm Chaos with other like minded folks and creative types. We had the property to extend projects way beyond just the living space. 

Being a city guy all my life, I had a chance to reflect on other aspects of my creative self. Entrepreneurs are a lonely breed often misunderstood but have grit and tenacity to start something new. I've heard a lot about entrepreneurs having other creative skills, hobbies and interests outside of their business life. That’s how we define ourselves in this world. For example I like to work on my classic Jaguar collection and integrate it into my daily life. Here we created our own world. I have access to workshops, tools, tractors, excavators, chain saws and our side by side. I work on them all. 

The Evolution of The Personal Brand

The lines are converging between your professional life and personal – especially in the age of social and personal branding. Work no longer defines us as 9 to 5, but as we evolve and more and more people are creators, and the lines between work and play make up who you are. While many folks want to separate their personal life from their professional, many folks realize that many of the creative aspects or the causes they are passionate about helps their professional lives.

Personal branding many times helps the companies they work for. One way I've integrated my unique style to leverage our corporate clients is with my car collection and our 5 macaws we've had here on the property. We are avid exotic animal supporters and believe wild creatures should stay in the wild. That being said a few of our macaws are old when we rescued them. They've had horrible lives but now they are spoiled beyond belief.

Raising awareness for client companies using our car collection or our macaws is truly win/win.  People love the interaction with macaws in a way they never may be able to or a rare piece of automobile art that just doesn't exist any longer. Because we are doing it on behalf of a client, it raise the brand awareness of the client and our personal/company brand. WIN WIN.
We've been involced with many companies helping them increase their brand awareness via story telling, running virtual events curating and distributing unique content.  We were one of the first to pioneer exotic content for auto dealers. The results spoke for themselves. One client rocketed from $34 million to almost $100 million per year in under 4 years utilizing our content distribution tools and teams running every facit of their marketing.

As the Internet grew and folks started noticing content was a big return on investment, we became an approved vendor for auto giant Stellantis. The list goes on.  Much of our success was because of our own personal brand and unique lifestyle people gravitated. Everyone has a their own unique qualities that they can embrace. 

The Calm Chaos Experience

Creative is all around us and this is something our creative team embraced since the founders of WebStager gave up the city and moved to the country. Since we've run the gambit of building brands and done everything from running huge events, building auto tools and software, won awards and one of a few chosen vendors to auto manufacturers, the challenge of transforming this property into a unique experience seemed like a natural progression.. 

A Property No Local Wanted

For close to 30 years, the Dugan Estate (as the locals refer), was neglected with a pretty sad people history that reflected in the property's state and energy. In fact, no local wanted to buy the property. It sat for sale for years.

When we moved here, the property felt strange. So many tragic evens happened to a local affluent family that by the time it went on the market. no local wanted to buy it. It sat for sale for years and as with any property left for over 30 years, it turns into a mess. We all felt sad and depressed when we arrived. Something I've never experienced in my life. We wanted to breath some creativity and love into the property. The carriage house transformation would aid the transformation of the property into a truly unique lodging experience. We've combined our love for connectivity with a stunning palet of a property while sharing some of our collections. love  for animals and other oddities with our guests.

Imagine waking up to stunning views, enjoying a productive workday in a tech-equipped environment, and then unwinding in a hot tub surrounded by nature – all within steps of your doorstep. At the same time you are on our private gated 5 acre estate. There are 5 cheeky macaws, 6 farm cats, deer, eagles, raving and a list of other creatures sharing this park like setting, trails and ancient forest. That's the Calm Chaos experience.
Calm Chaos
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Calm Chaos Carriage House Unique Experience



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Reviews are the life blood of hospitality. The properties that succeed are the ones that the operators go above and beyond to make their guests feel welcome.  We've made an effort to engage our guests as we'd want to be treated and make their stay unique. Here's a sample of what our guests that stay with us at Calm Chaos have to say:


Rating, 5 stars

June 2024

Group trip
I recently stayed for a weekend with friends at Steven's cabin in the woods and was very pleased with our accommodations. Steven is a great host - friendly, responsive, accommodating and eager to ensure we had all that we needed to enjoy our girls' getaway, while fully respecting our privacy. The home is clean, modern and well furnished with comfortable beds, a beautiful back deck, bbq, firepit and hot tub set at the perfect 104 degrees. The location is idyllic and peaceful -- perfect for a quiet, fun, relaxing time with old friends. We had a wonderful visit.



Denver, Colorado

Rating, 5 stars

June 2024

Stayed about a week
We very much enjoyed our stay here at Calm Chaos! The home was immaculate, the hot tub and sauna were wonderful, the beds were very comfortable and Steven and Mimi were so kind, welcoming and responsive. The washer and dryer is a welcome touch, and I appreciate the extra blankets. The place really has personality and I loved the eclectic decor. We’d definitely stay here again!



Portland, Oregon
Rating, 5 stars

February 2024

Stayed with a pet
Steve was so incredibly welcoming and eager to make sure that I had everything I could possibly need for my adventures on Vancouver island! The house and property were even more magical than I imagined and I very much plan to go visit again when the weather is warmer! Do not hesitate to stay here!
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