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Buy Now, Buy New, Buy Better - this philosophy once dominated sales, with consumers seeking the latest in engine upgrades. Performance, rather than affordability, propelled every decision.

Now, however, value reigns supreme. An ever-changing economy - fuelled by promises of recession, inflation, and stagnant wages - has the new generation of consumers measuring the cost of every rev; and often new vehicles are ignored for their used (reliable) counterparts. 

Is your dealership ready for the change?

Used Car Marketing Stats

The preowned market is soaring - with drivers exchanging next-gen performance for affordability. This shift reflects uncertain economic trends, as well as the rise in new vehicle pricing (with critics reporting an average 11.9% increase across the sedan, sport utility, and compact segments); and it proves the need for an expansive used inventory. Consumers are seeking alternatives to expensive makes and models, with the projected growth rate for sales reaching an astonishing 6.1% per year for the next decade. 

Why are drivers searching for used vehicles? Let's consider the value. 

Reasons Drivers Choose Used Cars

... report that they choose used vehicles over new due to pricing.

... report that they choose used vehicles over new due to brand recognition and model familiarity.

... report that they choose used vehicles over new due to increased package, incentive, or warranty offerings.

The automotive market is changing - with 40% of drivers in 2022 switching from new to used. This leads to a massive opportunity for local demographic targeting and increased outreach for dealerships... if they implement a search-optimized strategy.

WebStager will show you how.

The Used Car Accelerator 

Over the past decade, we’ve perfected a unique used marketing process and developed our own set of tools to showcase vehicles in search and on social media platforms. We’ve helped dealerships in the US and Canada achieve a surge of leads and brand awareness by applying our proven methodologies - earning over 230% in sales volume for some clients and helping them overcome the challenges of digital broadcasting.
Consumer Shopping Trends: Used Car Research

... research used vehicles online.

... rely on dealerships for pricing information.

... rely on dealerships for vehicle comparisons.

... rely on dealerships for reviews and consumer ratings.

Consumers are seeking the best in pricing, reviews, and information - and they’re doing this from the comfort of home. Aligning your dealer website with online shopping patterns, therefore, is crucial to building your brand in the local market.

Allow WebStager to help.

Through our signature, patent pending processes we can deliver huge value for your dealership - generating leads, enhancing brand outreach, and connecting your consumers to the inventory options they’re searching for. Let us elevate you to the next level:
We’ll create a unique identity to build your used or pre-owned brand. 

We’ll build a bespoke used web presence that sets you apart from other dealers.

We’ll work with you to integrate remote selling 

We’ll develop an evergreen marketing strategy using our proprietary visibility platform. 

We’ll arm your sales team with tools to turbocharge your sales, while enhancing your team’s profiles with our patent pending automation tools.

We’ll show you how to harness and automate the new trends in digital.

We’ll integrate a proven and workable subprime process.

We’ll create dynamic ad and content campaigns to grow your brand organically. 

We’ll expand your used operations.

We’ll feature your inventory on all vehicle shopping platforms.

The used market is expanding - and your dealership needs to claim the local segment. Allow WebStager to fuse your website with a suite of proven tools and marketing strategies to propel your brand. Contact our team today to begin your consultation.