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The Value Of Self-Service Inventory Management

It’s a data feed disaster. Inventory images have been deleted; tracking processes have stalled; and the server suddenly spits out prices that suggest a sale… that you’re not currently running. You scramble to reach your DMS provider, only to receive an automated service email that does nothing to solve the problem. 

Inventory management shouldn’t be this complicated - which is why Webstager offers a self-service solution that optimizes your time (and eliminates your frustration). 

The Challenges of Inventory Management 

The links in your supply chain are many - but few prove as valuable (or as brittle) as the ones forged by your inventory management processes. The necessity of tracking each product can’t be denied; but DMS providers too often leave your brand exposed to ineffective solutions and poorly executed results. 

By relying on third-party data feeds dealerships find themselves faced with a series of complications.

Inventory Feed FAQ

... lack full visibility in their inventory management processes.

Inventory visibility is the ability to track all products and prices. It proves crucial to a brand's eCommerce scalability, maintaining a real-time connection between current, impending, or sold stock - and it ensures that consumers can quickly identify available purchasing options across multiple sales channels. Lacking a full understanding of all vehicles can result in compromised lead generation.

.. report that inventory management failure is caused by third-party downtime.

Downtime refers to a sudden loss in normal operating processes. Dealerships already face a variety of challenges that may cause this issue (Hardware Failures, 38% of all brands; Storage Failures, 42% of all brands; Server Failures, 45% of all brands); but relying on third-party vendors to monitor, manage, and access stock brings an increased risk. 10% of all errors are caused by IT disruption.

... believe their exposure to supply chain risks (generated by ineffective inventory management processes) has significantly increased.

Data feed inaccuracies may interrupt the supply chain process - with vehicles being incorrectly marked as sold, in-transit, or unavailable. Dealerships relying on third-party providers may experience this issue with greater frequency, with Software Failure ranking as the leading cause of IT disruption (53%).

Effectively monitoring your inventory is no easy task - and third-party modules do nothing to lessen the strain. This is why Webstager has launched a self-service option, affording dealerships precise control over every spec. 

Our Self-Service Inventory 

Rely no more on the third-party systems. Instead access, edit, and control your inventory in real-time - courtesy of our self-service software. Unlike traditional data feeds or DMS applications, Webstager enables brands to engage directly with their products. Through our innovative WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, we allow for instant stock uploads and spec changes; and this simplifies the sales process.

Among our available features are:

Content Creation

Build optimized vehicle descriptions directly in our system, taking advantage of our proprietary content module to list specs, pricing, financing options, and other key details that will climb through search. Increase your performance outreach and connect with your consumers more efficiently. 

Image Insertion

Create dynamic image carousels that stream on the page. Control photo dimensions, embed URLs, and more with the press of a button to quickly showcase each vehicle; and insert search-focused Alt Text descriptions to make them more viable for Google. 

Video Embedding

Utilize our patent-pending Social Video Accelerator technology to embed short-form content into each inventory listing. Host walkarounds, client testimonials, and service announcements to better engage consumers. 

Finance Display

Activate Finance and Leasing functions with the press of a button. Our system will calculate HST and GST sales tax percentages and display them automatically on the page, eliminating the need for manual insertions.

Search Optimization 

Improve search visibility by utilizing our SEO functions. Vehicles can be fitted with optimized metadata (including localized long-tail and short-tail keywords) to increase their performance in Google.

Our system allows for instant stock visibility and improved inventory management. Brands can now upload, edit, and delete vehicles - achieving real-time results without the expected data feed complications. Maximize performance; eliminate downtime; and redefine the sales process. 

To learn more about our self-service software contact Webstager today.