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Elevating The Consumer Experience: The Finance Now App

It begins with a search; it ends with a sale; and all of the steps in between seem irrelevant, with marketing teams funnelling consumers toward the Buy Now button. They care only for the conversion. 

Lead generation encompasses more than a purchase, however. It instead requires a consumer-focused experience, connecting every site visitor to the information they need. Inspire confidence to inspire clicks; and deliver comprehensive support to reduce bounce rates, increase conversions, and build relationships. 

This extends to financing opportunities. 
Examining The Finance Now App

Close-up of a smartphone screen that shows a Pay button, while a man's thumb moves to press the button.Cultivate leads - and consumer connections - by implementing our exclusive Finance Now App into your brand's sales strategy. This plug-and-play tool allows for peerless customization, creating a credit approval form that is tailored specifically for your lead generation needs.

By implementing this exclusive app you can enhance your site’s outreach through:

Credit Check Functionality.
Online Loan Processing.
Finance Company Scorecard Integration.
Instant Quote Capabilities.
Extended Warranty Configurations.
… and much more.

The Finance Now App promises precise performance, providing effortless integration into your website; and it enables more effective communication, allowing your sales team to quickly access (and assess) consumer information and respond to credit queries. This option assures a seamless approval process and helps to efficiently cultivate leads. 

It also delivers improved inbound marketing.


What Is Inbound Marketing?

The consumer experience drives inbound marketing. This process - which utilizes original content, including white paper materials, video productions, and purposeful graphics - engages visitors by directly speaking to their shopping strategies. It seeks to educate, rather than simply promote; and it generates both traffic and leads through organic alignment. 

This proves a stark contrast to outbound strategies, which focus on direct consumer targeting (such as through mail campaigns, pay-per-click solutions, and cold calling - methods that can prove effective but emphasize selling over explaining). Inbound instead provides a tailored approach to marketing.

The Finance Now App embraces this philosophy - delivering an approval process that speaks directly to consumers and their credit needs. It's an online form that lets them confidently shop, and that fuses every click with strong inbound marketing results. 

Why is this important? 

Inbound Marketing Stats

... rank online form implementation as a cornerstone of their inbound strategies.

... utilize multi-step forms to drive site traffic (experiencing up to 86% growth rates).

... report online forms as the highest converting lead generation tools. 

Online forms bolster inbound marketing strategies - allowing brands to quickly engage with key demographics and guide them to the next steps of the sales process. Inspire communication; cultivate relationships; and enhance performance. These solutions assure sustainable growth, proving more viable than paid search (companies using this organic approach experience lead increases of up to 54% over traditional PPC). The value comes from connectivity…. and the Finance Now App provides that. 
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