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Harnessing Content, Dominating Search: Implementing A Blogging Strategy

An occasional post, an infrequent update - this is the cornerstone of your blogging strategy. You have no time for content. There are, after all, meetings to manage and products to sell; and crafting compelling copy demands too much from your already hectic schedule. You’re busy.

You’re also in need of a new marketing solution.

The Power Of Blogging: Enhancing Your Marketing Strategy

Dominating search rankings requires more than a superior product. You must instead connect with your key demographics - delivering content that inspires consumer conversations. 

You need a blog - and we can help you create one.
Blog Marketing FAQ

A weblog (or blog) is an online journal that allows its creators to send content across the Internet. This form of digital storytelling has grown from a meagre list of 24 Dear Diary entries when it was first established in 1994 to more than 600 million posts - with an estimated 4.4 million added each day.

Unlike traditional marketing strategies - which rely on paid advertisements to drive traffic - a blog delivers organic results, connecting directly to consumers through its content. Each post is fused with search-relevant keywords, backlinks, and metadata to target specific customer queries; and by utilizing the E.A.T. structure (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness), those posts can be more efficiently indexed within Google.

E.A.T. is a guideline used to determine the quality of a page. Content deemed high-value is able to effectively answer a consumer question - emphasizing accurate information and well-established review processes (rather than black hat or grey hat techniques). Blogs that apply this formatting will adhere to Google’s Search Essentials practices and achieve stronger SERPs through their organic structures. They are educational, immersive, and engaging.

Blogging affords brands more effective communication - with each post delivering content that speaks directly to a consumer's needs. It also assures maximum outreach.

As of 2022:

77% of consumers read blogs.

80% of consumers engage directly with relevant blog posts.

96% of consumers actively seek out blogs written by industry experts.

By implementing a blogging strategy brands can connect with their target audiences, generating traffic and leads simultaneously. This practice can propel SEO marketing to the next level.

Maximize SEO Marketing: Our Blogging System

Webstager recognizes the value of consistent and compelling content - which is why we’ve created a proprietary blogging platform that optimizes each post for search. Unlike traditional options, which leave you vulnerable to third-party security concerns and server outages, this system is fully bespoke. It integrates seamlessly into your website and delivers user-friendly applications. 
Custom Channels

Create multiple engines (each offering metadata opportunities and full social integration) to showcase specific products, services, and events. Each channel boasts our innovative Knowledge Bank function, which builds an extensive collection of localized SEO keyword phrases to gain search traction; as well as our custom Gallery feature, which stores all blog photos and videos in a centralized hub to attract Google Images. 

Other available features include: mailing list publications, Syndication Widgets (such as RSS Feed capabilities), API click tracking, and more. 

Social Syncing

Each blog engine can be linked to your brand’s social media accounts - including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Publish posts simultaneously across each site through our proprietary one-click broadcasting system, which affords seamless control over content creation, scheduling, and editing. Struggle no more with launching multi-platform marketing campaigns.

Meta Integration

Our blog system is formatted for search, with each engine offering SEO metadata tagging. Build localized keyword descriptions, titles, and more that target consumers and dominate Google.

Content Creation

Receive access to an experienced team of writers. We will craft both short-form and long-form content that complements your marketing strategies, ensuring that your blogs push past the competition. We will build solutions that will engage your audience, researching consumer trends, understanding social media patterns, and identifying the best topics to inspire clicks. 

Our blogging platform has been tailored for search, harnessing the power of original content to deliver increased traffic, improved leads, and sustainable SEO. To learn more about our available features - or to schedule a demonstration with our team - contact Webstager today.