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WebStager OBBAuto Case Studies in Auto

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.”   Aristotle.
Alfa Romeo National Content Distribution Campaign, At Scale Simutaneously Lights Up Dealerships Coast To Coast With Unique Local Content from a Central Hub Unicorn Website.

600 blog articles were created, thousands of long tail key phrase search engine publications. Simultaneously distributed to each dealership while connecting to their individual social networks with backlinks back to the original content. 30+ long form articles highlighting the Alfa Rome brand or comparing to the competition. Close to 100,000 pageviews, Evergreen SEO effect. 

Alfa Romeo demo site concept


Leveraging Content Marketing and Proprietary Technology for SEO Dominance

"We’re beyond thrilled with the results of WebStager’s Bronco campaign and energized for what it means moving forward."

Due to the “evergreen” nature of the pages powering the initiative, they don’t disappear like conventional, PPC digital advertising, resulting in lasting momentum that continues to build. Skaha Ford will benefit indefinitely from these Bronco campaign pages, driving awareness and future deposits.

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Concept Website For Stellantis | Alfa Romeo

Feel the Power. Clean, Simple & Powerful. Melding simple design with AI driven content distribution results in evergreen SEO fueling leads and sales without having to look Gogle rankings when ad spend runs out. 

Concept meets design and function. Integrating AI, content and UI.

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STOP THROWING MONEY IN THE TRASH - The story behind WebStager|OBBAuto

You need to ‘own’ the organic search marketplace – not just rent search position like you do with digital advertising - only to have it disappear when your budget runs out (which happens very quickly).

UT, every other dealership in your local market knows this. You are all trying to race with one another while achieving little using outdated or fragmented third party tools and sources. If consumers can’t find you online, then you’re invisible. No matter what deals you run, no matter how cool your site looks. None of this is going to matter if Google can’t see you. Your buyers will never “get to your site”.

What if you had ‘the’ secret weapon that none of your competitors knew about?



WebStager OBBAuto Woman viewing cell phone marveling at organic search results

Sales Teams - Short Video Accelerator

Increased Engagement | More Sales

A one-of-a-kind, multi-function, content creation and lead generation machine, Video Accelerator harnesses the enormous power of video at scale to empower your sales agents, elevating both their personal brand and your company's brand as a whole.

You've never experienced anything like it because there's never been anything like it.

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Digital Is The Most Important Dealership Function.

It’s all changed. Nothing is the same. Everyone is researching, searching, comparing, shopping and buying online. Shoppers use Google, social sites, and video shorts. They have become the instigators for sales. People live on social and watch video more than ever. Billions of people are viewing video shorts.

e’ll pull it all together for you. We’ve all heard of multichannel retail techniques, which enable customers to shop and purchase online, through social media or via the good, old traditional market place - the dealership showroom. The trouble with that approach is each channel tends to operate in a silo competing for the same budget.

WebStager integrates all those channels together, thus offering a high-quality customer experience, uniting all sales and marketing into one cooperative wave. At WebStager we’ve been ahead of the game inventing auto centric platforms and applications with the answers to those complexities.

We’ve added $10s of millions of dollars of sales to some of our dealer clients. Let us help you take back and grow your business, from competing multiple third-party agencies and services providers.

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