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tumblr seo company vancouver bcFacebook, Twitter, Google Plus - these are SEO’s optimized trinity, connecting marketers to steady conversions and steadier sales. Every month they deliver billions of keyword searches and hashtag hits. None can deny their importance.

None can also deny, however, that the trinity has reached maximum social saturation - and SEO content needs new channels to maintain its appeal. We suggest Tumblr.

This blogging network - which began in 2007 - has proven popular with consumers, especially those in the critical 18 to 25 demographic. Its easy interfacing and fluid grid ensures fast content creation, and this makes it ideal for desktop and mobile strategies alike.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Unwrapping Tumblr:

Global rank among websites: 31st.
Monthly post rate: 2.5 billion
Monthly blog creation rate: 3.9 million
Monthly unique visitor rate (U.S. only): 36.8 million
Global trend index score: 85 out of 100

These stats prove the value - and viability - of Tumblr. The site delivers high-volume posting, allowing for social SEO domination. Add it to your network rotation to increase your targeting.

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager today.

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