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Sat Night and Father's Day

(Posted on Jun 21, 2009 at 04:21AM )
Everyone came over to wish the old man happy Father's Day - even my Rock & Roll daughter

iPhone to ThemeGreen Blog interface

(Posted on Jun 11, 2009 at 06:38PM )
We've been asked by our iPhone users for an easy app that they can update their ThemeGreen Blogs from their iPhones with the same broadcasting features they have access to from their desk or laptop machines.

Phase one of the application is now being unveiled. iPhone and other smart phone users now have handy access to their ThemeGreen Blogs


From their iPhone, ThemeGreen members can enter their blog posts and have their Twitter accounts updated with an auto small URL back the the full detail, their Facebook profile updated, RSS and other news feeds updated, several kinds of widgets, while emails and SMS members following each blog post are contacted.

"This is the first of a suite of automation tools aimed at the mobile market"; says Steven Arsenault, CEO of WebStager.com - the creators of ThemeGreen.com.

"The world is going mobile and we want to help drive it."

Twitter Will Change The Way We Live

(Posted on Jun 5, 2009 at 06:22PM )
I love this article in today's (June 5, 2009) TIME magazine.

The article sums up just what is happening all around us - as 'instant branding' and communications comes alive. While most of us have discounted this, people are becoming more connected in an instant with a 140 character message.

We know what people had for breakfast, where they are in their lives, their relationships and activities.

It is awe inspiring when you think about it!


Rock This Weekend

(Posted on Jun 5, 2009 at 03:55PM )
Summer's here with a Rock Show at the Red Room.

Hope to see all my peeps there!

(Supporting my youngest daughter!) http://www.myspace.com/autoviolet


Wind Powers the Planet

(Posted on Jun 4, 2009 at 03:05PM )
Wind has powered parts of the planet for a very long time, and was in the minds of science writers of the '40's - envisioning harnessing constant winds at higher altitudes.

Wind power today is taking many forms from huge skyscrapers to strange looking devices high in the altitude where there is constant wind flow.

Today's designers have their sights set on more elaborate designs. This link is a great source of wind energy innovation - past and present!


Facebook Email Hijacks My Machine

(Posted on Jun 3, 2009 at 06:07PM )
Yesterday it took me 5 hours to fix virus created when I opened an email sent from a friend of mine.

The guys at www.GoGoGeek.com helped me out and got my PC going again.


1 877 464 6433

Local Guys - great attitudes - make things happen.

Forever Blonde The Movie Kicks Off Strong @ Cannes Film Festival

(Posted on May 27, 2009 at 10:46PM )
Last week's Cannes Film Festival saw the successful debut of 'Forever Blonde', a documentary movie featuring the last interview with Marilyn Monroe before her tragic death.

"Our distributors are just back from Cannes with fantastic news of twenty (20) territories secured - with a further thirty (30) in negotiation. A great start for this documentary production.

Marilyn Monroe was an unforgettable figure in Cannes so many years ago.  It's fitting that this film would start its distribution debut from this venue." reports Kelly Johnston, of BBG Ltd.

"All those of us working on this project has made significant contributions over the years and like with any production, there were hurdles and sacrifices. Now everyone's loyalty, patience, support and enthusiasm for this project is coming to fruition. We are all excited to see the project take on a life of its own."

WebStager.com has been involved with 'Forever Blonde' since the early development and investment stages, created and powers the movie's Internet property, its social networking platform, its media platform and various automation tools that support the ongoing promotion and support of the documentary production.


Hi Resolution WebCam Gear Up

(Posted on May 27, 2009 at 01:11AM )
Anticipation mounts as we gear up for installation of Hi Res web cams for the extreme wilderness and remote viewing of Wild Grizzlies and other wild creatures.

"Today is a spectacular day and a great showing of the kinds of images we will be capturing in the wilderness for the entire planet to view live. We've been running the cams live for the past few months in BC's extreme weather without a hitch!"; reports Steven Arsenault, CEO WebStager, the parent company behind ThemeGreen.com.

"The technology to be able to power these cameras in the remote locations they will be placed, then the satellite technology to transmit the images live so anyone visiting our specially designed bear platform powered by our very own ThemeGreen is amazing

I am just excited to see what the next few years brings us. Being able to deliver images of wild creatures and their private lives brings extreme
visibility to these creatures and their habitat - then have people use our platforms in a social networking environment to collaborate, share and exchange ideas about this worthy cause. As more people become aware of wild creatures, they will care more and become involved in global causes.

We expect great things to evolve from this endevour!"

(To learn more about the bear project or join the movement - http://themegreen.com/bears/ )

Click the image above to experience the Hi Res Web Cam live (5 second image change)

This is a sample of the image quality. Following the live link will give viewers a glimpse of the quality of the images we'll be transmitting live towards the end of the summer giving the planet a glimpse into the private lives of wild creatures.

WebStager is working with a well known production company on a made for TV series on this exciting undertaking.

Forever Blonde The Movie - WebStager Powered

(Posted on May 27, 2009 at 12:40AM )
A huge success in last week's Cannes Film Festival. WebStager.com built and designed the interactive web property


Rave Reviews from this years Cannes Film Festival. Star of the movie Sunny Thompson holds such a real resemblance to the late Marilyn Munroe she shocked Cannes attendees.

Quote from the Producer Kelly Johnson of BBG Ltd.

"The film did exceptionally well and has been secured for many foreign markets and now US and Canadian markets."

Road Less Traveled

(Posted on May 26, 2009 at 08:58PM )
I like this format... http://www.automotivetraveler.com/

The imagery on the site is awesome - or maybe I'am just getting older!

Now I just need to find that road...

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