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iPhone to ThemeGreen Blog interface

(Posted on Jun 11, 2009 at 06:38PM )
We've been asked by our iPhone users for an easy app that they can update their ThemeGreen Blogs from their iPhones with the same broadcasting features they have access to from their desk or laptop machines.

Phase one of the application is now being unveiled. iPhone and other smart phone users now have handy access to their ThemeGreen Blogs


From their iPhone, ThemeGreen members can enter their blog posts and have their Twitter accounts updated with an auto small URL back the the full detail, their Facebook profile updated, RSS and other news feeds updated, several kinds of widgets, while emails and SMS members following each blog post are contacted.

"This is the first of a suite of automation tools aimed at the mobile market"; says Steven Arsenault, CEO of WebStager.com - the creators of ThemeGreen.com.

"The world is going mobile and we want to help drive it."

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