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(Posted on Jan 4, 2010 at 12:38AM )
Cinemazoo top of all the search engines -- Any topic related to the recent media & TV coverage for Cinemazoo that Webstager broadcasted online is at the top of google.com -- if you were to type in ctv news cinemazoo ( I use this as an example ) when ctv news vancouver aired on the news hour earlier this week people wanted to know how they could donate. These callers were told to go to google.com and type in cinemazoo.

if you type ctv news cinemazoo into google.com or google.ca -- our posts are at the top -- powerful real time feeds that appear live within half an hour. These feeds have stayed consistently at the top since the first day I started blogging on our platform!

CinemaZoo Characters Saved

(Posted on Jan 2, 2010 at 02:27AM )
CinemaZoo Saved At 11th Hour.

I am happy to report that after resounding support and donations that CInemaZoo's 300 exotic creatures will not be on the street.

Donations flooded in following News on CTV, Global, CityTV, articles in The Province, The Surrey Leader and a multitude of affiliated community papers across the planet. We engaged my company's ThemeGreen Internet News Broadcasting platform to report on activities and in no time Google shot the efforts of our bloggers to the top of just about any search term dealing with CinemaZoo - within hours!

People not able to find follow up news from the broadcast news agencies were all of a sudden linked to story details from Google or Bing searches in real time. Donations started pouring in online.

While enough money was raised for several months, a reorganization of the internal operations will include many improvements to the sanctuary’s operations.

I am happy to announce the my company will be taking the lead and implementing Internet related improvements aimed at offering members access to rich media globally. We will be implementing a member driven platform that will house rich media. We will also be implementing a series of Hi Res web cams capable of broadcasting live images of some of the sanctuary's more interesting characters.

We developed a similar technology in a harsher environment in BC Coastal Mountains allowing members to watch the secret lives of live Grizzly bears in their natural environment. The project caught international attention and is the subject of a TV Series we are actively involved.

We all look forward to helping Cinemazoo deliver rich media of the beloved characters that make Cinemazoo their home to the planet.


CinemaZoo CTV News Event

(Posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 06:02AM )
Oops - CTV News exec wouldn't mention http://www.cinemazoo.com/ site in
their news cast or web site... not politically correct - and were
really glib about on the phone!

(I guess these big guys call the shots broadcasting wise!)

That's OK -  they've been overtaken - by my company's proprietary news broadcasting technology platform!

Any Google search for CinemaZoo CTV has our links as #1 and #2 - CTV doesn't exist anywhere.

When are dinosaurs going to get with the 21st Century!

OMG - a National news broadcasting company out shadowed by Internet broadcasting technology on their news stories.


"Where's the ice man this week? I still like my ice box!"; snorts the
old corporate exec via the vacuum tube delivery system to his assistant. "What's
with this "World Wide InterWeb" talk I've been hearing about lately?
Young people, what do they know!"

It's a new world everyone.

Donations Pouring In After Media Blitz

(Posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 02:18AM )
Just 3 days before Christmas, Gary Oliver received an evection notice from his landlord. Gary's been in the business of sheltering unwanted exotic animals abondoned by their previous short sighted owners. In a ficility that houses from giant turtles, snakes and crocidles to cute furry creatires like the sugar glider from Australia. At 300 strong, eviction means a certain death sentence - but the land lord didn't care - just wanted his cash or the place.

Today's economic reality is polarizing our society. There are the people that want to do nothing and just complain. On the other side are the people that want to make a difference in this world and realize that we are sharing our planet with other creatures - big and small.

With social media, a single message can be conveyed to millions. Popular public opinion can change people's mind and miracles can happen.

As news media converged on Cinemazoo while the landlord's clock was ticking, TV coverage and front page news paper exposure has prompted a turn in events. All the while our people were blogging and broadcasting events to social media spots far and wide. Our people even automated the donation process online with easy access.

We are happy to announce that all day donations have started to pour in. With a little faith, Cinemasoo will be educating kids for many more years to come

Want to donate? Follow this link - http://www.cinemazoo.com/ 

The Biggest Online Winners And Losers For 2009

(Posted on Dec 17, 2009 at 03:17AM )
I received this post today on the changes on the Internet landscape over the past year. Many of us in the business may have felt the shift in the many ways people are now using this constantly changing medium. Interesting the I saw the shift long before the financial meltdown. We did a lot of email marketing for the retail industry. Around early to mid 2008 there seemed to be a shift in the business. Retail saw a down turn in sales - started to focus on cutting costs and doing everything themselves - even using Facebook before it was really popular.

Now the email marketing industry is gasping for it's very life as more and more companies are doing things within.

The stats in this article are amazing for anyone that follows the online world and trends that effect us all.

In summary, people aren't using eBay in this time of belt tightening, Craigslist traffic is down as people are staying put while MySpace,com, once the darling of the social networking universe is down 20% (not suprising).

The big upswing is of course Facebook, Twitter and suprisingly Walmart!

It's an interesting read http://247wallst.com/2009/12/16/the-biggest-online-winners-and-losers-for-2009-ebay-traffic-collapse/

After looking at the numbers, I started playing with the list. I wonder if economists can now predict the state of things to come by the way the top ten web sites are shaping up!

 Top 10 Web Properties by Traffic Increase for 2009
    Rank    Wessite                                             Domain                                             % change this year      
55        Yahoo! Sports – Fantasy Football     football.fantasysports.yahoo.com             1840%      
40        Twitter                                              www.twitter.com                                     559%      
2          Facebook                                         www.facebook.com                                236%      
13        AOL                                                 www.aol.com                                         170%      
47        Yahoo! Profiles                                members.yahoo.com                                140%      
39        Match.com                                       www.match.com                                     135%      
48       Google Video                                    video.google.com                                    124%      
6         YouTube                                            www.youtube.com                                 109%      
31       Target                                                www.target.com                                     69%      
20       Walmart                                            www.walmart.com                                  64%      
7       MSN                                                  www.msn.com                                        58%     

Here is my synopsis of what's happening:

1. America is staying home and watching sports, getting away from their troubles on Fantasy Football.
2. The rest of the country is using Twitter to track their every movement - while others want to know what their current friends are up to and catch up with old on 3. Facebook.
4. AOL emails were big from the beginning - all these people getting Twitter and Facebook messages are filling their AOL email boxes.
5. and 6. Spots 5 and 6 are dating site - people staying home still want to get laid!
7. and 8. Spots 7 and 8 are an example of just how popular online Video is on the Internet
9. People seeing all these deals are still willing to got to "Tar Jay" as many of my style maven friends that frequent Target and revel in the deals like Racoons washing their food.
10. Walmart in the number 10 spot - is great for entertainment, deals and people watching.

Since Walmart is coming to every town - it's now becoming the go to place for everything online!

Should be an interesting world in 2010.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Google Announces Real Time Search Updates

(Posted on Dec 13, 2009 at 05:32PM )
An announcement that may change the way we think of and use search engines!

It used to take months for search engines to index (or shuffle their search rankings) web sites. All the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts were looking for ways to speed up the process. Changing content became popular and as bloggers started becoming active, it was rumored that Google updated blog sites faster than normal web sites. Now there's social media. Twitter and Facebook have changed the way we communicate. Other social media sites are updating news and views in real time. Now Google has announced technology to keep up with this real time news.

Real time search. That's big news for companies like mine. We develop social media technology that enhances search engine visibility.

A few years ago I stumbled upon some things that attracted search engine rankings while doing email marketing and search engine optimization for client companies and my own member platforms.

While performing some of the tasks I noticed that my search rankings would increase. The only thing was I have to keep up the processes or other companies would overtake my efforts as everyone is competing for top spot these days.

That's when we started creating technology that would enhance the processes I had discovered. One update - a single message gets delivered all across the Internet via multiple layers of delivery technology. What's more, if a group uses the social media tools, the result to a client's web site is like having an army of marketing people.

It should be exciting to see what happens on the Internet over the coming months as the reality of real time updates becomes a reality.

We'll be constantly updating our platforms and looking at new ways - like mobile to enhance and enrich people's lives.

Social Media Shines A Light On Classic Car Criminals

(Posted on Nov 15, 2009 at 03:47PM )
          Back in the late 1950's and early 1960's, Jaguar ruled the automotive racing world with some of the fastest automobiles on the planet.  Limited in their production, there is a global fraternity of collectors and enthusiasts. Car thieves also target these automobiles,
sometimes acquiring these rare vehicles for some unscrupulous collector.

With the popularity of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and a location based gallery application built by my company, stealing someone's baby without the rest of the planet knowing just got a whole lot harder.

Here's how it works. Global car owners connect via Facebook and join a group only open to car owners. With the owner's permission, the group owner places a picture of their car on a Google Fused gallery in ThemeGreen.com. The gallery integrated with Google Maps has a number of collaborative and messaging features including being integrated into the
ThemeGreen Social Networking platform.

As new images are added to the gallery, emails are automatically sent to interested parties, RSS feeds update various sites or widget
code updates web sites or blogs carrying the content. No doubt all the global Jaguar owners like to see what else is going on  so we all know the instant something is happening image wise via the gallery's collaboration features.

Last month just outside of Amsterdam thieves stole a beautiful black XK 150. A full description of the car including a picture was loaded on the location based gallery. In an instant an army of Jaguar collectors around the planet know about this vehicle with full details of it's unique characteristics.

I found the notice 2 ways. The mini gallery I have on one of my web sites popped up with an image of the stolen car plus I received a Facebook notice.

If I were a car thief, I'd think twice before I drove this stolen vehicle anywhere on the planet. XK owners know when there is a new cat in town.  Everyone in the owner's club being on the lookout for the stolen black XK 150, it won't be too long until a friend
of a friend spots it. The gallery image of the stolen car is linked to full details plus another site dealing strictly with stolen property around the globe.


It's interesting how social media and the ease of communicating is affecting our daily lives and spreading information far and wide.

I am using my own Blog to update this note. Once I press the button my social tools will again spread this message even further. The social tools update my Facebook, all of my Twitter accounts, news feeds active on about a dozen  web sites and blogs, RSS feeds connect my Linkedin, Plaxo and other social accounts to this post, plus certain people that follow my posts via email receive an immediate notification.

Although I am sure that car thieves have all the modern gadgets and networks to dispose of their cars, life must  be getting more difficult for classic car thieves if an army of enthusiasts take up the cause against them on a global basis.

First Days Filming An Adventure In Grizzly Country.

(Posted on Oct 22, 2009 at 05:44AM )
This week the start of filming has so far been an exciting week. We are interviewing various characters and their personal stories about interactions with Grizzly Bears. 

Cannes, Paris and the UK are a long way from the long plane ride into Vancouver. Our journey then took us up to the Orford Valley, the home of the Homalco First Nation's Grizzly Tour operation. The grizzly experts showed us firsthand the grizzlies feeding on returning salmon while sharing stories of the many creatures in their area.

We we were fortunate to interview a former grizzly hunter now turned eco guide. His First Nation insight into the secret lives of Grizzlies was invaluable not to mention fascinating.

Over the Powell River, we boarded a powerful cigarette boat and sped up Powell Lake to "Hole In The Wall" for a truly unique interview spot sharing stories of Grizzly from one of the planet's Grizzly and Polar Bear

The next couple of days are going to be exciting and adventurous with on the ground Grizzly expeditions and flying into BC's last homestead
region to experience these wild creatures and chat with those who have had their share of Grizzly close encounters.

Click image for boat adventure.

Stay tuned for more adventure!

Mipcom 2009 - Cannes Update

(Posted on Oct 14, 2009 at 06:51PM )
Team arrived from UK, planning our pilot shoot in coastal BC - a labyrinth of planes, helicopters, grizzly locations and quirly character interviews all next week in stunning HD.

Yachts Serving Multi Purpose In Cannes

(Posted on Oct 7, 2009 at 04:13PM )

Initial reports are extreme interest in our documentary at the MIPCOM 2009 conference taking place now in Cannes. Active discussions are already engaged with key distribution companies.

Something else that caught my interest was the innovative demonstration areas.

Luxury Super Yachts are lined up along the many marinas and companies can secure one of these lavish show places, brand it as their own during the show and the floating palaces act as a floating hotel for key show going staff and select customers.

Nice to see that the entertainment industry and broadcasting industry are not the only ones looking at 'cross platforming'.

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