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CinemaZoo Characters Saved

(Posted on Jan 2, 2010 at 02:27AM )
CinemaZoo Saved At 11th Hour.

I am happy to report that after resounding support and donations that CInemaZoo's 300 exotic creatures will not be on the street.

Donations flooded in following News on CTV, Global, CityTV, articles in The Province, The Surrey Leader and a multitude of affiliated community papers across the planet. We engaged my company's ThemeGreen Internet News Broadcasting platform to report on activities and in no time Google shot the efforts of our bloggers to the top of just about any search term dealing with CinemaZoo - within hours!

People not able to find follow up news from the broadcast news agencies were all of a sudden linked to story details from Google or Bing searches in real time. Donations started pouring in online.

While enough money was raised for several months, a reorganization of the internal operations will include many improvements to the sanctuary’s operations.

I am happy to announce the my company will be taking the lead and implementing Internet related improvements aimed at offering members access to rich media globally. We will be implementing a member driven platform that will house rich media. We will also be implementing a series of Hi Res web cams capable of broadcasting live images of some of the sanctuary's more interesting characters.

We developed a similar technology in a harsher environment in BC Coastal Mountains allowing members to watch the secret lives of live Grizzly bears in their natural environment. The project caught international attention and is the subject of a TV Series we are actively involved.

We all look forward to helping Cinemazoo deliver rich media of the beloved characters that make Cinemazoo their home to the planet.


CinemaZoo CTV News Event

(Posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 06:02AM )
Oops - CTV News exec wouldn't mention http://www.cinemazoo.com/ site in
their news cast or web site... not politically correct - and were
really glib about on the phone!

(I guess these big guys call the shots broadcasting wise!)

That's OK -  they've been overtaken - by my company's proprietary news broadcasting technology platform!

Any Google search for CinemaZoo CTV has our links as #1 and #2 - CTV doesn't exist anywhere.

When are dinosaurs going to get with the 21st Century!

OMG - a National news broadcasting company out shadowed by Internet broadcasting technology on their news stories.


"Where's the ice man this week? I still like my ice box!"; snorts the
old corporate exec via the vacuum tube delivery system to his assistant. "What's
with this "World Wide InterWeb" talk I've been hearing about lately?
Young people, what do they know!"

It's a new world everyone.

Donations Pouring In After Media Blitz

(Posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 02:18AM )
Just 3 days before Christmas, Gary Oliver received an evection notice from his landlord. Gary's been in the business of sheltering unwanted exotic animals abondoned by their previous short sighted owners. In a ficility that houses from giant turtles, snakes and crocidles to cute furry creatires like the sugar glider from Australia. At 300 strong, eviction means a certain death sentence - but the land lord didn't care - just wanted his cash or the place.

Today's economic reality is polarizing our society. There are the people that want to do nothing and just complain. On the other side are the people that want to make a difference in this world and realize that we are sharing our planet with other creatures - big and small.

With social media, a single message can be conveyed to millions. Popular public opinion can change people's mind and miracles can happen.

As news media converged on Cinemazoo while the landlord's clock was ticking, TV coverage and front page news paper exposure has prompted a turn in events. All the while our people were blogging and broadcasting events to social media spots far and wide. Our people even automated the donation process online with easy access.

We are happy to announce that all day donations have started to pour in. With a little faith, Cinemasoo will be educating kids for many more years to come

Want to donate? Follow this link - http://www.cinemazoo.com/ 

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