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CinemaZoo CTV News Event

(Posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 06:02AM )
Oops - CTV News exec wouldn't mention http://www.cinemazoo.com/ site in
their news cast or web site... not politically correct - and were
really glib about on the phone!

(I guess these big guys call the shots broadcasting wise!)

That's OK -  they've been overtaken - by my company's proprietary news broadcasting technology platform!

Any Google search for CinemaZoo CTV has our links as #1 and #2 - CTV doesn't exist anywhere.

When are dinosaurs going to get with the 21st Century!

OMG - a National news broadcasting company out shadowed by Internet broadcasting technology on their news stories.


"Where's the ice man this week? I still like my ice box!"; snorts the
old corporate exec via the vacuum tube delivery system to his assistant. "What's
with this "World Wide InterWeb" talk I've been hearing about lately?
Young people, what do they know!"

It's a new world everyone.
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