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seo audience targetingSEO is an oft-used phrase but a rarely understood idea. Readers assume that it’s just a collection of keywords and meta tags, with a few clever links tucked between.

It’s not.

It’s instead a complex process that requires time, patience and deliberate audience targeting.

The point of SEO is to connect sites and consumers. By targeting key readers companies can achieve online success, earning higher SERPs, stronger sales and increased brand recognition. Accomplishing this is no simple task, however. It involves:

One: Understanding Customers

Every consumer is different: defined by age, financial background, geography and more. Companies must try to reconcile these differences with their targeting strategies. Decide who will most likely buy a product, how much they’ll be willing to spend and how to best attract them. Examine demographics to launch an effective SEO campaign.

Two: Understanding Search Methods

The online world is vast, with its borders stretched across computers, tablets and smartphones. Target audiences on all three, creating SEO campaigns that offer responsive designs and adaptable language. This ensures greater accessibility and greater engine recognition.

Three: Understanding Promotion

Optimizing a website is not enough. Cross-channel promotions are instead needed for strong SEO. Create multi-faceted strategies, blending social media, local business indexes, niche networks and even video channels. Never underestimate the power of a layered campaign.

Finding the right audience with SEO is possible - but it’s also challenging. Let Webstager simplify the process. We help our clients connect with crucial demographics, and we do this through automated content and creative branding strategies.

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what is negative seoYou wake to a world gone mad: your site has been flagged for manipulative practices; your content has been duplicated, passed from blog to blog; and your reviews have plummeted. You don’t understand. How could this have happened?

Webstager is sad to report that you’ve been the victim of negative SEO.

Negative SEO is the process of deliberately undermining a site through black-hat tactics, such as: pasting unindexed content across the web, writing a series of bad reviews and even creating extensive spammy back-links. These elements hurt a company’s overall SERP position.

They can be combated, however, with help from Webstager.

The best way to defend against negative SEO is to have a strong domain authority. We provide that. Our consistent content and extensive page building ensures better engine recognition. The text and images we create are indexed extensively through Google, Bing and beyond: which builds a level of trust between our clients and search crawlers.

And with that trust comes security, with engines less likely to flag your site for black-hat practices and more likely instead to delete all supposed offenses. We make your content a tangible - and reliable - part of the Internet.

Negative SEO is not a common practice. It does, however, occur and must be guarded against. Webstager will provide you with the tools needed to protect your company and your reputation.

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online reviews search engine rankingsA bad review can destroy a good product. With a few scathing words a company’s reputation can disintegrate - and consumers will scurry away, afraid of poor service and misspent dollars.

Reviews have a lasting impact on the success of a business, defining overall sales and search engine rankings. Consider these statistics, as provided by BrightLocal:

88% of users read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

72% of users say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.

88% of users say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

As consumers seek out services, they simultaneously seek out reviews about those services - and companies with less than stellar rankings are quickly passed over. Traffic falls; sales plummet; and brand interest sputters into silence. Poor quality is as unforgivable as a poorly designed homepage.

And this proves damning for search engine rankings.

Local engines arrange their SERP positions based on customer preferences and reviews. A low score results in a low page placement, drastically reducing the chance for traffic.

It’s imperative, therefore, to strive for good reviews: through exceptional customer service and organic content.

Webstager can provide both. Let our automated system bolster your site and connect you to the people who matter most - your customers.

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local seo company vancouver bcWebstager has long since championed local SEO. We’ve embraced geo-centric content and alt-infused photos; we’ve embedded our pages with maps and zip codes. Every neighborhood gets a proper showcase with our system.

And the first step to achieving that showcase is an optimized profile.

Local SEO is intended to attract nearby consumers. Without an optimized profile, however, that attraction fizzles before the first homepage click.

When creating a business profile (whether on a social networking site or a local index) provide these details:

Relevant Information

If consumers can’t locate a business, they can’t shop at that business. Add relevant information: address, phone number, store hours and alternative contact options (such as email or social links).


A picture is worth a thousand words. Filling profiles with photos is essential, therefore. Use up-to-date images of the storefront, products and even advertisements to entice consumers. These can then be geo-cached and inserted into Google Maps or similar programs.


Approximately 79% of consumers trust online reviews. Use them on every profile! Build a local following by encouraging comments, relying on customer-generated content to increase indexing.

Note: not every review will be positive. Address all negative comments immediately, honestly and - most importantly - courteously.

Create local profiles that engage and entice. Optimize them with relevant information, images and reviews.

To learn more about Local SEO contact us today.

organic traffic google page rankOrganic traffic is exceptional traffic. This is a truth that should be plastered across the Internet - bolded, underlined and italicized. It defines search marketing and transforms sites.

Too often, however, do Vancouver SEO companies fail to understand both the value of organic channels and what they actually are. Confusion stems from PPC tactics, back-linking and black-hat strategies.

This must stop - now.

Organic traffic is the percentage of consumers who find a site based on its search relevance. Rather than being shoved toward a URL by click-based advertisements, this process is instead natural. A query is made; a list of related pages appears; and a link is then chosen. Content is ranked by its viability.

And this results in increased revenue.

According to a recent study by BrightEdge (a marketing consultant firm), organic traffic represents 73% of overall sales and searches. This is far greater than its paid counterpart, which only ensures a pitiable 10%. Relevant information dominates consumer interests.

Webstager understands this, which is why we’re dedicated to organic SEO. We launch pages to the forefront of Google, Bing and beyond - and we do it through automation, optimization and proper marketing.

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search marketing questions vancouver bcThis is the age of digital domination. The world is lit by a halo of smartphones and tablet screens, and connections are made with the press of a button - which is why it baffles the Webstager team to see so many companies clinging to the past.

Traditional print is no longer a marketing juggernaut. Consumers instead rely on their devices to discover new products. Linking to the web is, therefore, essential for every company wishing to target key demographics and achieve sustainable sales. Optimized content is needed.

Before any marketing journey can begin, however, a proper search strategy is needed. Three questions must be asked:

One: what short-term SEO options are available? These include building local business profiles, launching social network accounts and creating organic pages.

Two: what long-term SEO options are available? These include real-time traffic analytics, responsive designs and automated delivery systems.

Three: how do consumers shop? This includes an understanding of computers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices (all which offer unique layouts and capabilities).

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t fret, fellow content creator. Webstager can answer all of these questions, offering strategies that work for modern marketing. Let us define short-term and long-term goals, as well as identify consumer patterns. This will ensure success for the future.

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google snippets seoGoogle is forever redefining the online world - and its new snippet application will continue that tradition.

Google Snippets is a program that embraces information. It begins by locating high SERP sites, using web crawlers to scan the content found within them (including meta headings, alt tags and landing links). This data is then condensed into 156 characters, delivering brief - but relevant - descriptions to readers.

This is undeniably convenient. It’s also undeniably powerful.

With the launch of Google Snippets site-owners can now fully utilize their meta descriptions, stuffing them with keyword-rich content that inspires rapid indexing. This program will help to better optimize pages and increase overall visibility - but only if used correctly.

Creating proper meta descriptions is no easy task. Many site-owners may find themselves stumbling through information, showcasing too many services and overextending the snippet tool. They will build clumsy tags and make poor first impressions.

Webstager can keep this from happening.

Let us navigate the world of Google for you, bringing powerful (but succinct) information to this new format. We’ll provide snippets that appeal to readers and web-crawlers alike.

And what could be better than that?

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google penguin vancouver seoIn 2012 the boundaries of SERPs and SEO collided. Google - the undisputed emperor of engines - released its Penguin algorithm, forever shaping the future of Vancouver companies.

The original Penguin was a unique program, created specifically to redefine SERP rankings. It wielded mighty wings, brushing away sites that relied on black-hat techniques and stripping them of their page positions. It battled keyword stuffing, back-links and hidden content; and it transformed SEO for every BC business.

Webstager celebrated this application on its release. Our social strategies have always embraced white-hat sensibilities, building rankings through exceptional content and automated platforms. Penguin was - to us - a reward.

And now we’re pleased to announce that this reward will continue in 2015.

A new Penguin algorithm will soon be revealed, with early reports promising daily web crawlers and increased indexing activity. This will define the SEO strategies of all companies, forcing them to deliver better content and organic results.

We’ll simply continue to do what we’ve always done.

The next generation of Penguin is coming... and Webstager is ready for it. Contact us today to learn more.

responsive design firm vancouver bcNumbers never lie. They do, however, surprise.

Consider these shocking smartphone statistics (as provided by Cision, a media marketing network):

Nearly half of the North American population relies on smartphones for local and global shopping.

45% of users (including the key demographic of 18 to 30) use their phones for daily searches.

Mobile traffic increases approximately 3.5% per month.

By 2015 2 billion people will own smartphones.

These percentages paint a very vivid picture - one of online purchasing and responsive design.

Responsive design is the process of creating fluid layouts. These layouts can detect individual signal devices, adapting to different screen sizes and pixel scales for a seamless appearance. They accommodate computers, tablets and, of course, smartphones - and this makes them essential for the future.

SEO is changing. As consumers flock to their iPhones and Androids, businesses will have to provide them with mobile-friendly content and dynamic servers. This will allow users to pin, tweet and shop with ease.

And that will translate to stronger sales.

All Vancouver companies must acknowledge - and embrace - the mobile movement. Contact us today to learn more about responsive design and its many applications.

pdf seo marketing vancouver bcInformation is meant to be shared, which is why you’ve created a PDF stuffed with spectacular content. You’ve painstakingly collected images, graphs and text - weaving them together for the ultimate representation of your products.

Unfortunately, that representation will probably not find its way into the SEO realm.

PDFs are not often indexed by engines or databases. This is because they're part of the gated category (content that is server-protected and, therefore, not available to the public for direct comments or sharing). They can be downloaded; they can be previewed; but they can rarely be optimized.

And this drastically affects overall SERP rankings and relevancy.

Relying purely on PDFs to share data - such as inventories, event schedules and company news - is a mistake. Open content is instead needed to utilize SEO marketing; and this is why Webstager will take all information and spin it into a series of blog posts, videos and indexed pages. We’ll promote PDFs and increase overall engine performance.

And this will ensure consistent optimization

Let us transform your PDFs into popular - ungated - results. Contact us to learn more.

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