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google penguin vancouver seoIn 2012 the boundaries of SERPs and SEO collided. Google - the undisputed emperor of engines - released its Penguin algorithm, forever shaping the future of Vancouver companies.

The original Penguin was a unique program, created specifically to redefine SERP rankings. It wielded mighty wings, brushing away sites that relied on black-hat techniques and stripping them of their page positions. It battled keyword stuffing, back-links and hidden content; and it transformed SEO for every BC business.

Webstager celebrated this application on its release. Our social strategies have always embraced white-hat sensibilities, building rankings through exceptional content and automated platforms. Penguin was - to us - a reward.

And now we’re pleased to announce that this reward will continue in 2015.

A new Penguin algorithm will soon be revealed, with early reports promising daily web crawlers and increased indexing activity. This will define the SEO strategies of all companies, forcing them to deliver better content and organic results.

We’ll simply continue to do what we’ve always done.

The next generation of Penguin is coming... and Webstager is ready for it. Contact us today to learn more.

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