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international seo translation vancouver bcYour content sings in your native tongue - all words precisely chosen, all paragraphs carefully crafted. Optimized data has never been so prettily packaged (or so effective). You’re generating high responses and higher sales, drawing local consumers to your site with ease.

It’s time, you think, to go international - which is why you run your content through a translator, wanting to simply copy and paste all of that perfection. You quickly discover, however, that this... doesn’t work.

When considering international SEO, content marketers too often rely on translation programs to adapt their data. This is a mistake, however, since these programs are unreliable. They lack the ability to establish context, with even top military computers only managing an 80% accuracy rating. Word choices prove obscure and meanings become lost.

It’s recommended, therefore, to avoid online translators (especially free ones). They have no understanding of cultural differences or expectations. They only offer confusion, twisting text into a vague echo of itself.

Instead of programs, Webstager suggests choosing an international team - like the one we boast - to piece together your content for overseas audiences. Human comprehension is crucial to establishing subtleties and relaying key points. It ensures that all data is presented correctly - and compellingly.

To learn more about international SEO contact us today.

In 1983 Motorola released its DynaTAC 8000X, a cell-phone that promised more than convenience. It was infused with dynamic technology, allowing users to access games (such as the ever-amusing Pong and the ever-undeniable Tic-Tac-Toe). This was the first instance of mobile applications being used, and it created a sturdy platform on which other companies built their networks.

Mobile applications - or apps - have become fused with the smartphone consciousness, promising consumers easy access to information, entertainment, tutorials and more. According to Forbes, approximately 179 billion programs were downloaded in 2014 and this number is expected to increase dramatically within the next five years.

What does this mean for SEO marketers? Webstager believes that app indexing will become a crucial part of every strategy, helping content rise through the engine ranks through responsive designs, optimized descriptions and traffic ranking meters - and we’re not alone in this assessment.

Google recently shared its unique wisdom on the download craze. Watch the video below!

App indexing will soon leave an indelible mark on SEO. Webstager recommends that marketers start preparing for the shift toward smartphones now - rather than waiting for the trend to officially begin.

To learn more contact us today.

google hummingbird seo company vancouver bcSEO was once a blitz of keywords and purchased affiliations, all bundled into static pages. It delivered SERPs but not content, and consumers were forced to endure an endless series of sales pitches.

Google has changed this.

Since 2011 this search behemoth has stressed the need for quality (organic) data - and, to ensure this policy reigns within its index, it’s created custom algorithms to seek out both white hat and black hat techniques. It’s changed SEO... for the better.

Consider this timeline of Google’s algorithm releases, as provided by Business 2 Community:


Google released Panda, a content-based formula that targeted low quality sites (specifically those defined by keyword stuffing, doorway pages and swapped data). These sites were stripped of their high SERPs.


Google released Penguin, a Webmaster-influenced code that sought out link schemes and purchased rankings.


Google released Hummingbird, a search query algorithm that focused on how content was presented in both sites and engine bars. It emphasized the need for natural keywords, rather than paid strings.


Google released Pigeon, a localized formula meant to index information more precisely.

Through these programs Google achieved SEO domination... and SEO transformation. The engine has systematically redefined what it means to be a marketer - and consumers have reaped the rewards.

To learn more about creating a Google-friendly strategy contact us today.

search seo company vancouver bcIn 2004 the online world changed. Facebook -  a series of codes, pics and timelines - arrived, launching a trend that reigns even today. Networking suddenly became crucial and social touchpoints launched to the top of every index, connecting brands directly to consumers.

It was only to be expected, therefore, that SEO would follow this shift, funneling its efforts toward Facebook and the sites that followed (Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and others). Success was immediately found and many marketers abandoned their previous efforts, wanting to focus entirely on networking.

This was (and is) a mistake.

Traditional SEO efforts - such as blogging, on-site optimization or video creation - remain vital to today’s strategies. While none can deny the importance of social media, Webstager urges all marketers to consider this Outbrain statistic: Search is the number one driver of local and international traffic, achieving over 300% more leads than networks. Channeling all energy toward Facebook, therefore, is not recommended.

Blend all social media tactics instead with search-driven content. Focus on inbound marketing and canonical architecture. Enhance every page with headings, title tags and ALT-text; and create compelling blogs for readers to enjoy. This ensures stronger SEO and higher traffic.

To learn more about search and its effect on SEO contact us today.

seo blogging company vancouver bcImplementing a SEO strategy demands more than landing pages, social channels and alt-tagged galleries. Blogging - that series of posts and pics, inbound links and user-friendly content - is also needed.

Too often, however, do content creators think this method old-fashioned. Blogs have, after all, reached a saturation point within the cultural consciousness. They’re published and dismantled with the press of a button, and media critics believe they’ve become the white-noises of every engine.

This isn’t true, though. Instead they remain key components of SEO, creating solid social foundations. Consider these statistics from Webbiquity:

329 million readers access blogs each month.

Blogging increases brand traffic by 55%.

Blogging increases B2B leads by 67%.

Publishing 3 to 4 blog posts each week generates up to 5x more traffic than posting web-page content alone.

34% of Fortune 500 companies now rely on blogs to improve their online marketing.

These numbers reveal the ongoing importance of blogging. When utilized with other SEO strategies, these entries can produce consistent leads. They define brand identities and strengthen SERPs - and nothing is more important than that.

To learn more about optimized blogging contact Webstager today!

social seo company vancouver bcFacebook dominates the social scene. SEO marketers flock to the site, generating endless posts and pictures, connecting to consumers through conversation threads. It‘s the perfect showcase for content.

It’s not, however, the only showcase - especially as Tumblr is making extraordinary leaps in traffic, user participation and global branding.

According to a recent study by TechCrunch, Tumblr (a microblogging network founded in 2007) has seen the highest growth expansion of all social platforms. Within the last six months it’s experienced a 45% increase in memberships and a 120% increase in active users. These numbers are shocking, especially when compared to the meager 6% membership expansion seen by Facebook.

What does this mean for marketers? It’s time to introduce Tumblr into social strategies. None can deny the importance of Facebook (it still hosts the most overall content and active user lists). It has reached a content saturation point, however, and is unlikely to attract new members. Other channels are needed to reinvigorate SEO.

Consider Tumblr for optimized posting and ever-expanding growth.

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager today.

social media seo company vancouver bcWith great social power comes greater in-store success.

Social SEO - which combines optimized data with niche digital channels, targeting key demographics through automated postings - reigns supreme. The endless wave of shares and tweets builds every brand’s presence, and real-time metrics help to analyze (and adapt) content as needed.

An unexpected value of this process, however, is its impact on in-store purchasing. Those with established social brands will find themselves experiencing a rise in profits, traffic and local success.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Deloitte:

45% of North American consumers believe that online content makes in-store shopping easier.

29% of North American consumers are more likely to make same-day in-store purchases after visiting a brand’s media channels.

67% of North American consumers read online product reviews before making in-store purchases.

33% of North American consumers spend more in-store after visiting a brand’s media channels.

These statistics prove the power of social SEO, with consumers engaged both online and in the real world. Through a strong media presence, companies can better connect with their audiences: offering a steady stream of promotional content, reviews, inventory listings and more. This translates to higher in-store ratios and improved sales.

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager. We’ll be happy to create a custom strategy for your brand.

social network seo company vancouver bcVirtual marketing was once an uncertain process. Content creators stepped slowly from their print ads, nudging text toward gateway pages and then-unproven blogs. Resistance was high but results were undeniable, and SEO strategies eventually reigned supreme.

Throughout the years these strategies have evolved - branching into micro-sites, video channels, niche directory posts and more. The most popular method, however, is social SEO. This process (which combines network automation with localized tags) provides direct connections between companies and consumers, and it’s become an essential element of long-term branding.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Postcron:

93% of SEO marketers use social media.

70% of SEO marketers use Facebook to gain new customers.

70% of SEO marketers use Google Plus to gain new customers.

34% of SEO marketers use Twitter in their lead generation strategies.

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are the most popular networks used by SEO marketers.

Flickr, Tumblr and StumbleUpon are the least popular networks used by SEO marketers.

Networks shapes SEO and Webstager knows they will continue to inspire SERPs, sales and social authorities in the future.

To learn more about social SEO contact us today!

seo company vancouver bcYou’ve just finished a SEO masterpiece - a blog stuffed with compelling content, localized keywords and a series of tag-infused images. It’s certain to impress your many followers and inspire endless network shares. This will be your social triumph.

It’s instead a social failure, with few clicks and fewer comments. You’re frustrated; you’re confused; you’re... posting on the wrong day.

SEO content demands more than back-links and engine-friendly phrasing. It also demands an understanding of user traffic patterns, with every post scheduled for the appropriate times. Consider these statistics of marketing responses, as provided by DazeInfo:

Sunday: 11.84% of total traffic.
Monday: 14.47% of total traffic.
Tuesday: 15.04% of total traffic.
Wednesday: 15.59% of total traffic.
Thursday: 15.77% of total traffic.
Friday: 14.53% of total traffic.
Saturday: 12.75% of total traffic.

Through these percentages content creators can clearly see a click-through pattern, with most traffic centered around the mid-week. Conversion numbers, conversely, plummet on Saturday and Sunday. It’s important for writers, editors and other SEO strategist to study this information and apply it to their posts.

Want to know more about SEO traffic patterns? Contact Webstager today!

youtube marketing seo vancouver bcOptimized content is written content. This is the assumption shared by many marketing companies. Information is to be - neatly, concisely - presented through blogs and gateway pages. Text ensures SEO success.

This isn’t false. It’s merely not entirely true.

SEO marketing has changed within the last decade. With the introduction of social networks, niche directories and third-party apps content has shifted toward a multi-media design - and those rooted in traditional formats are falling behind in both SERPs and sales.

It’s essential, therefore, to embrace all forms of SEO: especially YouTube videos.

YouTube delivers exceptional marketing opportunities for content creators, offering immediate access to key demographics and creating endless promotional streams. Consider these statistics, as provided by Clickz:

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month.

More than 6 billion hours of footage are watched each month on YouTube.

64% of users say that watching videos makes them more willing to purchase a product.

75% of users say that videos increase their understandings of products and services.

81% of the users on YouTube are in the crucial 14-to-18 demographic.

These statistics prove the value of YouTube. The site allows marketers to effortlessly create, post and manage their content - all while connecting to the world’s second largest internal search engine.

Blogging is simply not enough.

To learn more about incorporating YouTube videos into your SEO strategy contact Webstager today!

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