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seo company vancouver bcYou’ve just finished a SEO masterpiece - a blog stuffed with compelling content, localized keywords and a series of tag-infused images. It’s certain to impress your many followers and inspire endless network shares. This will be your social triumph.

It’s instead a social failure, with few clicks and fewer comments. You’re frustrated; you’re confused; you’re... posting on the wrong day.

SEO content demands more than back-links and engine-friendly phrasing. It also demands an understanding of user traffic patterns, with every post scheduled for the appropriate times. Consider these statistics of marketing responses, as provided by DazeInfo:

Sunday: 11.84% of total traffic.
Monday: 14.47% of total traffic.
Tuesday: 15.04% of total traffic.
Wednesday: 15.59% of total traffic.
Thursday: 15.77% of total traffic.
Friday: 14.53% of total traffic.
Saturday: 12.75% of total traffic.

Through these percentages content creators can clearly see a click-through pattern, with most traffic centered around the mid-week. Conversion numbers, conversely, plummet on Saturday and Sunday. It’s important for writers, editors and other SEO strategist to study this information and apply it to their posts.

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