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international seo translation vancouver bcYour content sings in your native tongue - all words precisely chosen, all paragraphs carefully crafted. Optimized data has never been so prettily packaged (or so effective). You’re generating high responses and higher sales, drawing local consumers to your site with ease.

It’s time, you think, to go international - which is why you run your content through a translator, wanting to simply copy and paste all of that perfection. You quickly discover, however, that this... doesn’t work.

When considering international SEO, content marketers too often rely on translation programs to adapt their data. This is a mistake, however, since these programs are unreliable. They lack the ability to establish context, with even top military computers only managing an 80% accuracy rating. Word choices prove obscure and meanings become lost.

It’s recommended, therefore, to avoid online translators (especially free ones). They have no understanding of cultural differences or expectations. They only offer confusion, twisting text into a vague echo of itself.

Instead of programs, Webstager suggests choosing an international team - like the one we boast - to piece together your content for overseas audiences. Human comprehension is crucial to establishing subtleties and relaying key points. It ensures that all data is presented correctly - and compellingly.

To learn more about international SEO contact us today.

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