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social media seo company vancouver bcWith great social power comes greater in-store success.

Social SEO - which combines optimized data with niche digital channels, targeting key demographics through automated postings - reigns supreme. The endless wave of shares and tweets builds every brand’s presence, and real-time metrics help to analyze (and adapt) content as needed.

An unexpected value of this process, however, is its impact on in-store purchasing. Those with established social brands will find themselves experiencing a rise in profits, traffic and local success.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Deloitte:

45% of North American consumers believe that online content makes in-store shopping easier.

29% of North American consumers are more likely to make same-day in-store purchases after visiting a brand’s media channels.

67% of North American consumers read online product reviews before making in-store purchases.

33% of North American consumers spend more in-store after visiting a brand’s media channels.

These statistics prove the power of social SEO, with consumers engaged both online and in the real world. Through a strong media presence, companies can better connect with their audiences: offering a steady stream of promotional content, reviews, inventory listings and more. This translates to higher in-store ratios and improved sales.

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager. We’ll be happy to create a custom strategy for your brand.

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