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youtube marketing seo vancouver bcOptimized content is written content. This is the assumption shared by many marketing companies. Information is to be - neatly, concisely - presented through blogs and gateway pages. Text ensures SEO success.

This isn’t false. It’s merely not entirely true.

SEO marketing has changed within the last decade. With the introduction of social networks, niche directories and third-party apps content has shifted toward a multi-media design - and those rooted in traditional formats are falling behind in both SERPs and sales.

It’s essential, therefore, to embrace all forms of SEO: especially YouTube videos.

YouTube delivers exceptional marketing opportunities for content creators, offering immediate access to key demographics and creating endless promotional streams. Consider these statistics, as provided by Clickz:

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month.

More than 6 billion hours of footage are watched each month on YouTube.

64% of users say that watching videos makes them more willing to purchase a product.

75% of users say that videos increase their understandings of products and services.

81% of the users on YouTube are in the crucial 14-to-18 demographic.

These statistics prove the value of YouTube. The site allows marketers to effortlessly create, post and manage their content - all while connecting to the world’s second largest internal search engine.

Blogging is simply not enough.

To learn more about incorporating YouTube videos into your SEO strategy contact Webstager today!

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