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I have been in and out of the city using the various forms of transportation.         

Vancouver is full of spirit and there are tons of things going on!

You can have a beer while traveling light...

You can visit the Tin Girl that is all over the news and watch her in awe.

Then there are the crowds.

And the crowds...

and the crowds..

And somehow the hole they cut in the fence to see the flame isn't quite doing it for me...

And I don't think I'd want to stand for 6 hours in this line just to hold an Olympic Medal - but hats off to everyone that does.

But I did get to see a former Olympic US Gymnastic Champion interviewing another 2010 champion at Yahoo.

.., and I learned today that our web cams are the top 2 of the most trafficed web cam site on EarthCam.com across from Yahoo's Vancouver location...

... and since NBC is filming live - the Bartender Games and we are steaming the action live Sunday - it's an action packed Sunday at the 2010 Olympic Games!!!

Just got back from the torch passing by all the action in Yaletown. The crowds were crazy as the torch passed by George's. It was an even crazier line up situation outside Vancouver's Live City.

Live City is a tent city featuring significant sponsors of the 2010 Olympics. Coke is there with a 100' screen for watching the events. the latest in computers from Acer. They are featuring Hi Res large screen touch screen computers that I want!

Panasonic is showing off and some really cool 3D HI Def Flat screen Home Theatre that is so life like that you think you are there live.

See our live Olympic Web Cams in Hi Res format at http://webstager.com/georgecam/cam_patio.html

More reporting tomorrow!                     
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