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Time Lapse Images Fans & Winning Goal Canada US Olympic Gold

(Posted on Mar 2, 2010 at 03:27AM )
Yesterday our team arrived early at our Yaletown location to host the last days of our broadcast with the 3 live IP cams we've been broadcasting live to the planet 24X7 for the entire length of the 2010 Olympics.

Some times weren't so exciting - like when no one was around - yet the Vancouver Police were way interested the night after we installed them and 'no one was around'.

Yahoo - our across the street neighbors had just moved in with all their gear. Thieves drove up in the wee hours of the AM, smashed the windows and cleaned the entire place out! Vancouver's finest wanted our images of the time period when 'nothing was happening'.

Fans came and went - but the most exciting was yesterday by far. Crowds were gathered at some places since 7AM as we made our way to Yaletown.

Even thought it was early, since the game was at noon - the city was a buzz.  People were everywhere!

On the Canada Line, we have to push our way in complete with our computer and camera equipment - then push our way out again when we arrived.

We captured every second of the game in hi res format all the while being transmitted to our Internet sites while a world could watch. When we were reviewing some of the stored images this AM, we thought the rest of the planet may way to relive the moment that the winning goal was made!

Click the image to view the time lapse film!                                  

We've summed up the winning time frame in time lapsed images from our web cam site.          


Canada US Hockey Game Live

(Posted on Feb 28, 2010 at 09:20PM )
Live at George Lounge in Yaletown everyone is cheering on the Canadian team.        

While I am writing this Blog Canada just scored!

Go Canada! http://webstager.com/georgecam/cam_patio.html

Last Day Of The 2010 Winter Games

(Posted on Feb 28, 2010 at 05:16PM )
The last day of the 2010 Winter Olympics. We are all anticipating another gold medal today and the lights on the floating barge in Coal Harbour to be lit up again.               

It seems like the games have only just began, yet so much went on in such a short time frame that like a dream it might have been a lifetime.

There never seemed to be a shortage of people going back and fourth in Yaletown though and the creative ways us understated Canadians rose to the occasion to show our support for our country and our athletes.

Downtown Vancouver is going to be alive early this morning as fans line up to pass through the heavy security when Canada faces off against the United States in hockey at noon today PST to see who is going to win gold.

We are going to be live in Yaletown repositioning our live webcams to get the best angle for viewing.

It was pretty amazing to be involved in a very small way with the 2010 Olympics by sharing live images to people that couldn't make it here to Vancouver.

I am wondering how the city is going to be after all of this, it seems like many don't want the party to ever end.

Mixlympics - NBC Filming

(Posted on Feb 21, 2010 at 08:49PM )
Bar "Mixlympics" happening today at George Lounge in Yaletown today!! 

(across the street from Yahoo Funcover)

6 international Bartenders, 4 local black box competitors.

NBC will be filming the competitions!

You can view the action real time via web cam via one of the 3 hi res
web cams operating 24 X 7 as we broadcast live to the planet. We are
now the top 2 web cam spot on Earthcam.com


Just got back from the torch passing by all the action in Yaletown. The crowds were crazy as the torch passed by George's. It was an even crazier line up situation outside Vancouver's Live City.

Live City is a tent city featuring significant sponsors of the 2010 Olympics. Coke is there with a 100' screen for watching the events. the latest in computers from Acer. They are featuring Hi Res large screen touch screen computers that I want!

Panasonic is showing off and some really cool 3D HI Def Flat screen Home Theatre that is so life like that you think you are there live.

See our live Olympic Web Cams in Hi Res format at http://webstager.com/georgecam/cam_patio.html

More reporting tomorrow!                     
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