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social network seo company vancouver bcVirtual marketing was once an uncertain process. Content creators stepped slowly from their print ads, nudging text toward gateway pages and then-unproven blogs. Resistance was high but results were undeniable, and SEO strategies eventually reigned supreme.

Throughout the years these strategies have evolved - branching into micro-sites, video channels, niche directory posts and more. The most popular method, however, is social SEO. This process (which combines network automation with localized tags) provides direct connections between companies and consumers, and it’s become an essential element of long-term branding.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Postcron:

93% of SEO marketers use social media.

70% of SEO marketers use Facebook to gain new customers.

70% of SEO marketers use Google Plus to gain new customers.

34% of SEO marketers use Twitter in their lead generation strategies.

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are the most popular networks used by SEO marketers.

Flickr, Tumblr and StumbleUpon are the least popular networks used by SEO marketers.

Networks shapes SEO and Webstager knows they will continue to inspire SERPs, sales and social authorities in the future.

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