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seo blogging company vancouver bcImplementing a SEO strategy demands more than landing pages, social channels and alt-tagged galleries. Blogging - that series of posts and pics, inbound links and user-friendly content - is also needed.

Too often, however, do content creators think this method old-fashioned. Blogs have, after all, reached a saturation point within the cultural consciousness. They’re published and dismantled with the press of a button, and media critics believe they’ve become the white-noises of every engine.

This isn’t true, though. Instead they remain key components of SEO, creating solid social foundations. Consider these statistics from Webbiquity:

329 million readers access blogs each month.

Blogging increases brand traffic by 55%.

Blogging increases B2B leads by 67%.

Publishing 3 to 4 blog posts each week generates up to 5x more traffic than posting web-page content alone.

34% of Fortune 500 companies now rely on blogs to improve their online marketing.

These numbers reveal the ongoing importance of blogging. When utilized with other SEO strategies, these entries can produce consistent leads. They define brand identities and strengthen SERPs - and nothing is more important than that.

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