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search seo company vancouver bcIn 2004 the online world changed. Facebook -  a series of codes, pics and timelines - arrived, launching a trend that reigns even today. Networking suddenly became crucial and social touchpoints launched to the top of every index, connecting brands directly to consumers.

It was only to be expected, therefore, that SEO would follow this shift, funneling its efforts toward Facebook and the sites that followed (Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and others). Success was immediately found and many marketers abandoned their previous efforts, wanting to focus entirely on networking.

This was (and is) a mistake.

Traditional SEO efforts - such as blogging, on-site optimization or video creation - remain vital to today’s strategies. While none can deny the importance of social media, Webstager urges all marketers to consider this Outbrain statistic: Search is the number one driver of local and international traffic, achieving over 300% more leads than networks. Channeling all energy toward Facebook, therefore, is not recommended.

Blend all social media tactics instead with search-driven content. Focus on inbound marketing and canonical architecture. Enhance every page with headings, title tags and ALT-text; and create compelling blogs for readers to enjoy. This ensures stronger SEO and higher traffic.

To learn more about search and its effect on SEO contact us today.

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