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local seo company vancouver bcWebstager has long since championed local SEO. We’ve embraced geo-centric content and alt-infused photos; we’ve embedded our pages with maps and zip codes. Every neighborhood gets a proper showcase with our system.

And the first step to achieving that showcase is an optimized profile.

Local SEO is intended to attract nearby consumers. Without an optimized profile, however, that attraction fizzles before the first homepage click.

When creating a business profile (whether on a social networking site or a local index) provide these details:

Relevant Information

If consumers can’t locate a business, they can’t shop at that business. Add relevant information: address, phone number, store hours and alternative contact options (such as email or social links).


A picture is worth a thousand words. Filling profiles with photos is essential, therefore. Use up-to-date images of the storefront, products and even advertisements to entice consumers. These can then be geo-cached and inserted into Google Maps or similar programs.


Approximately 79% of consumers trust online reviews. Use them on every profile! Build a local following by encouraging comments, relying on customer-generated content to increase indexing.

Note: not every review will be positive. Address all negative comments immediately, honestly and - most importantly - courteously.

Create local profiles that engage and entice. Optimize them with relevant information, images and reviews.

To learn more about Local SEO contact us today.

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