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search marketing questions vancouver bcThis is the age of digital domination. The world is lit by a halo of smartphones and tablet screens, and connections are made with the press of a button - which is why it baffles the Webstager team to see so many companies clinging to the past.

Traditional print is no longer a marketing juggernaut. Consumers instead rely on their devices to discover new products. Linking to the web is, therefore, essential for every company wishing to target key demographics and achieve sustainable sales. Optimized content is needed.

Before any marketing journey can begin, however, a proper search strategy is needed. Three questions must be asked:

One: what short-term SEO options are available? These include building local business profiles, launching social network accounts and creating organic pages.

Two: what long-term SEO options are available? These include real-time traffic analytics, responsive designs and automated delivery systems.

Three: how do consumers shop? This includes an understanding of computers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices (all which offer unique layouts and capabilities).

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t fret, fellow content creator. Webstager can answer all of these questions, offering strategies that work for modern marketing. Let us define short-term and long-term goals, as well as identify consumer patterns. This will ensure success for the future.

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