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pdf seo marketing vancouver bcInformation is meant to be shared, which is why you’ve created a PDF stuffed with spectacular content. You’ve painstakingly collected images, graphs and text - weaving them together for the ultimate representation of your products.

Unfortunately, that representation will probably not find its way into the SEO realm.

PDFs are not often indexed by engines or databases. This is because they're part of the gated category (content that is server-protected and, therefore, not available to the public for direct comments or sharing). They can be downloaded; they can be previewed; but they can rarely be optimized.

And this drastically affects overall SERP rankings and relevancy.

Relying purely on PDFs to share data - such as inventories, event schedules and company news - is a mistake. Open content is instead needed to utilize SEO marketing; and this is why Webstager will take all information and spin it into a series of blog posts, videos and indexed pages. We’ll promote PDFs and increase overall engine performance.

And this will ensure consistent optimization

Let us transform your PDFs into popular - ungated - results. Contact us to learn more.

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