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responsive design firm vancouver bcNumbers never lie. They do, however, surprise.

Consider these shocking smartphone statistics (as provided by Cision, a media marketing network):

Nearly half of the North American population relies on smartphones for local and global shopping.

45% of users (including the key demographic of 18 to 30) use their phones for daily searches.

Mobile traffic increases approximately 3.5% per month.

By 2015 2 billion people will own smartphones.

These percentages paint a very vivid picture - one of online purchasing and responsive design.

Responsive design is the process of creating fluid layouts. These layouts can detect individual signal devices, adapting to different screen sizes and pixel scales for a seamless appearance. They accommodate computers, tablets and, of course, smartphones - and this makes them essential for the future.

SEO is changing. As consumers flock to their iPhones and Androids, businesses will have to provide them with mobile-friendly content and dynamic servers. This will allow users to pin, tweet and shop with ease.

And that will translate to stronger sales.

All Vancouver companies must acknowledge - and embrace - the mobile movement. Contact us today to learn more about responsive design and its many applications.

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