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organic traffic google page rankOrganic traffic is exceptional traffic. This is a truth that should be plastered across the Internet - bolded, underlined and italicized. It defines search marketing and transforms sites.

Too often, however, do Vancouver SEO companies fail to understand both the value of organic channels and what they actually are. Confusion stems from PPC tactics, back-linking and black-hat strategies.

This must stop - now.

Organic traffic is the percentage of consumers who find a site based on its search relevance. Rather than being shoved toward a URL by click-based advertisements, this process is instead natural. A query is made; a list of related pages appears; and a link is then chosen. Content is ranked by its viability.

And this results in increased revenue.

According to a recent study by BrightEdge (a marketing consultant firm), organic traffic represents 73% of overall sales and searches. This is far greater than its paid counterpart, which only ensures a pitiable 10%. Relevant information dominates consumer interests.

Webstager understands this, which is why we’re dedicated to organic SEO. We launch pages to the forefront of Google, Bing and beyond - and we do it through automation, optimization and proper marketing.

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