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twitter seo company vancouver  bcIn 2006 Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass joined forces for a social experiment - introducing the world to limited character interactions and SMS styling. The foursome launched Twitter and changed the online landscape forever, clearing direct paths to the SEO peaks.

Since its arrival Twitter has become an undeniable force in SEO, creating powerhouse trends and connecting directly to consumers. It’s a staple of every strategy.

Understanding which demographics most respond to those strategies, however, is crucial to their successes. Specific users flock to this network. Learn who they are to improve marketing.

According to the Pew Research Center, the typical adult profile of Twitter is:

White, Non-Hispanic: 21%
Black, Non-Hispanic: 27%
Hispanic: 25%

18 to 29: 37%
30 to 49: 25%
50 to 64: 12%
65 and Older: 10%

Urban: 25%
Suburban: 23%
Rural: 17%

By identifying which demographics most frequently log-on to Twitter, SEO creators can tailor their marketing tactics and restructure their accounts - allowing for optimized sales and stronger branding.

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager.

twitter seo company vancouver bcAn image is worth a thousand words and on Twitter - where the character limits are meager and the headlines are short - this proves all too crucial.

Since its arrival in 2006 Twitter has become a social phenomenon, delivering optimized opportunities for every marketer. Its micro-formatting, along with easy indexing, makes it perfect for SEO. Those wishing to further improve their efforts, however, must add an image to every post.

According to Jeff Bullas, an online advertising firm, tweets with images receive:

18% more click-throughs.
89% more favorites.
150% more retweets.

These statistics showcase the impact of imagery in SEO, with users drawn to compelling photos. This allows content to flourish on networks, improving social authorities and enhancing brands.

A simple picture can yield many rewards.

To learn more about syncing images to Twitter - as well as other social SEO strategies - contact Webstager today.

local seo company vancouver bcIt’s the smallest of discrepancies. A local directory has inverted your company's phone number, switching the last two digits out of order. You make an absent note to change it later, concerned instead with more pressing matters: such as organizing your branding efforts and launching your blogs. This, you’re sure, can wait.

It can’t.

Recent tweaks to Google’s Pigeon algorithm stress the importance of consistent local citations. Directory profiles - like the ones found on Yelp, TripAdvisor or the YellowPages - must now feature identical information. This information includes:

Company Name
Company Address
Company Phone Number
Company Email
Company Website URL

This data is typically featured on directories, which Google’s engine-crawlers scan repeatedly. If these crawlers find differences between the profiles, they’ll flag the content as black-hat SEO (this is an early protective measure against spamming). Social authorities will tumble and brand credibility will follow - all because of a few simple typos.

Webstager emphasizes, therefore, the importance of local citation correction. Claim all directory profiles and fix the information presented there. Even the littlest of errors could prove damaging.

To learn more about local citations and how to implement them contact us today!

google plus seo company vancouver bcToo often is Google Plus dismissed. Since arriving in 2011, this network has been routinely (and unfairly) compared to Facebook and Twitter, with critics undermining its unique design and considering it a rare company mistake. It’s never gained the social power - or presence - of its competitors, and it’s never earned a pop culture ranking.

It has, however, achieved a place among SEO creators... if they choose to embrace it.

Google Plus proves perfect for optimization, connecting writers and marketers alike to an engine-centric platform. Consider these statistics, as provided by Expanded Ramblings:

There are currently 500 million monthly active members on Google Plus.

64% of those users post B2B and SEO content.

29% of Google Plus visitors are in the Generation Z demographic.

28% of Google Plus visitors are in the Millennial demographic.

23% of Google Plus visitors are in the Generation X demographic.

Google Plus represents 3% of the total North American social sharing, 4% of the total European social sharing and 2% of the total Asian social sharing: making it a steady influencer on international SEO.

These statistics prove the value of this network, highlighting both its key demographics and its global appeal. Through consistent, relevant postings individuals can achieve SEO success - particularly on the Google engine itself, with all content indexed quickly and social posts pushed through SERPs.

To learn more about Google Plus contact Webstager today! 

linkedin seo company vancouver bcIn 2003 LinkedIn arrived on the social scene, introducing the world to business-centric content. Unlike its competitors - which focused on casual networking and image pinning - this platform delivered a flurry of job postings, brand pages and employment profiles. It was intended to redefine the hiring process.

That intention recently shifted toward niche SEO domination.

LinkedIn has become a marketing mecca, connecting users to optimized content and endless B2B opportunities. Consider these statistics, as provided by Main Street Host:

LinkedIn’s active membership count, as of 2015, exceeds 300 million.

LinkedIn delivers more website traffic leads than any other social platform.

LinkedIn generates more B2B leads than any other social platform.

LinkedIn ranks as the top distributor for optimized B2B content.

LinkedIn members report increased sales, with 50% of consumers more likely to purchase from sites with these accounts.

These stats prove the importance of LinkedIn, with the community channeling SEO into highly specific - and highly profitable - results. It’s the ultimate social media experience for brands.

To learn more about this network contact Webstager today!

seo blogging company vancouver bcImplementing a SEO strategy demands more than landing pages, social channels and alt-tagged galleries. Blogging - that series of posts and pics, inbound links and user-friendly content - is also needed.

Too often, however, do content creators think this method old-fashioned. Blogs have, after all, reached a saturation point within the cultural consciousness. They’re published and dismantled with the press of a button, and media critics believe they’ve become the white-noises of every engine.

This isn’t true, though. Instead they remain key components of SEO, creating solid social foundations. Consider these statistics from Webbiquity:

329 million readers access blogs each month.

Blogging increases brand traffic by 55%.

Blogging increases B2B leads by 67%.

Publishing 3 to 4 blog posts each week generates up to 5x more traffic than posting web-page content alone.

34% of Fortune 500 companies now rely on blogs to improve their online marketing.

These numbers reveal the ongoing importance of blogging. When utilized with other SEO strategies, these entries can produce consistent leads. They define brand identities and strengthen SERPs - and nothing is more important than that.

To learn more about optimized blogging contact Webstager today!

responsive mobile seo design vancouver bcOn April 21st the SEO world experienced Mobilegeddon - a series of algorithmic changes implemented by Google, intended to redefine smartphone searches and content rankings. Writers, editors and app creators crossed their fingers in anticipation of this keyword fallout.

Recently, however, they’ve begin to unclench... because the effects of Mobilegeddon have been less than dramatic.

According to a study by Search Metrics, Google’s platform changes has wreaked little havoc on the overall rankings of content:

Non-Mobile Friendly Sites: -0.21 position decrease.
Mobile-Friendly Sites: +0.20 position increase.

Amount of Mobile-Friendly Sites (Pre-April 21st): 68%
Amount of Mobile-Friendly Sites (Post-April 21st): 71%

Amount of Non-Friendly Mobile Sites (Pre-April 21st): 32%
Amount of Non-Friendly Mobile Sites (Post April 21st) 29%

These statistics prove little change to SEO content, with most sites keeping their approximate SERP positions. While there has been a (slight) increase in responsive URL design, many platforms still remain desktop-only. Mobilegeddon didn’t usher in a new wave of smartphone-ready design.

It only showcased the need for it.

To learn more about Mobilegeddon and its affect on SEO contact Webstager today!

landing page seo company vancouver bcLanding pages are far more than strings of code and keywords. They’re also the best way to generate local leads, with engines propelling them to the top of SERPs, ad spaces and more.

This propulsion only happens, however, if the pages are locally optimized.

To achieve strong SEO results content creators must include the following information on each of their store landing pages:

NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) information.

Social media icons and contact links.

Store hours.

Store services (be precise with descriptions, appealing to both engines and consumers with clear, concise inventory listings).

Store photos.

Store directions (embed maps whenever possible to attract engines).

Inbound links to promotions and content.

These elements combine to optimize each page for local searches, allowing companies to generate traffic, sales and social authorities. They validate stores for search engines and ensure consistent indexing - and this proves essential for SEO.

To learn more about local landing pages contact Webstager today! We’ll be happy to create optimized content for you and your store.

social seo company vancouver bcFacebook dominates the social scene. SEO marketers flock to the site, generating endless posts and pictures, connecting to consumers through conversation threads. It‘s the perfect showcase for content.

It’s not, however, the only showcase - especially as Tumblr is making extraordinary leaps in traffic, user participation and global branding.

According to a recent study by TechCrunch, Tumblr (a microblogging network founded in 2007) has seen the highest growth expansion of all social platforms. Within the last six months it’s experienced a 45% increase in memberships and a 120% increase in active users. These numbers are shocking, especially when compared to the meager 6% membership expansion seen by Facebook.

What does this mean for marketers? It’s time to introduce Tumblr into social strategies. None can deny the importance of Facebook (it still hosts the most overall content and active user lists). It has reached a content saturation point, however, and is unlikely to attract new members. Other channels are needed to reinvigorate SEO.

Consider Tumblr for optimized posting and ever-expanding growth.

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager today.

local mobile seo company vancouver bc2015 will forever be known as the year of local SEO. Consumers are streamlining their queries, focusing all attention to city-centric services and nearby goods. This combines with a rise in mobile language - with smartphones, tablets and laptops accessing local signals - for specialized results.

Applying these results to content, however, still proves challenging. Marketers must understand both the need for local SEO and the factors that shape it. These factors - which determine the overall ranking abilities of each post and push information through engines - are:

On-Page Signals (including domain keywords, title keywords and optimized NAP content).

Link Signals (including anchor text and outbound affiliations).

External Signals (including citations in directories and business forums).

Review Signals (including amount of independent reviews, quality of independent reviews and validity of independent reviews).

Social Signals (including strong social authorities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus).

Consumer Signals (including ad click-throughs, mobile conversion rates and social mentions).

By combining these elements marketers achieve local saturation, propelling data to the top of Google, Bing and beyond. This connects them to their target audiences and solidifies branding.

To learn more about local SEO contact Webstager today!

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