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twitter seo company vancouver bcAn image is worth a thousand words and on Twitter - where the character limits are meager and the headlines are short - this proves all too crucial.

Since its arrival in 2006 Twitter has become a social phenomenon, delivering optimized opportunities for every marketer. Its micro-formatting, along with easy indexing, makes it perfect for SEO. Those wishing to further improve their efforts, however, must add an image to every post.

According to Jeff Bullas, an online advertising firm, tweets with images receive:

18% more click-throughs.
89% more favorites.
150% more retweets.

These statistics showcase the impact of imagery in SEO, with users drawn to compelling photos. This allows content to flourish on networks, improving social authorities and enhancing brands.

A simple picture can yield many rewards.

To learn more about syncing images to Twitter - as well as other social SEO strategies - contact Webstager today.

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