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local seo company vancouver bcIt’s the smallest of discrepancies. A local directory has inverted your company's phone number, switching the last two digits out of order. You make an absent note to change it later, concerned instead with more pressing matters: such as organizing your branding efforts and launching your blogs. This, you’re sure, can wait.

It can’t.

Recent tweaks to Google’s Pigeon algorithm stress the importance of consistent local citations. Directory profiles - like the ones found on Yelp, TripAdvisor or the YellowPages - must now feature identical information. This information includes:

Company Name
Company Address
Company Phone Number
Company Email
Company Website URL

This data is typically featured on directories, which Google’s engine-crawlers scan repeatedly. If these crawlers find differences between the profiles, they’ll flag the content as black-hat SEO (this is an early protective measure against spamming). Social authorities will tumble and brand credibility will follow - all because of a few simple typos.

Webstager emphasizes, therefore, the importance of local citation correction. Claim all directory profiles and fix the information presented there. Even the littlest of errors could prove damaging.

To learn more about local citations and how to implement them contact us today!

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