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google plus seo company vancouver bcToo often is Google Plus dismissed. Since arriving in 2011, this network has been routinely (and unfairly) compared to Facebook and Twitter, with critics undermining its unique design and considering it a rare company mistake. It’s never gained the social power - or presence - of its competitors, and it’s never earned a pop culture ranking.

It has, however, achieved a place among SEO creators... if they choose to embrace it.

Google Plus proves perfect for optimization, connecting writers and marketers alike to an engine-centric platform. Consider these statistics, as provided by Expanded Ramblings:

There are currently 500 million monthly active members on Google Plus.

64% of those users post B2B and SEO content.

29% of Google Plus visitors are in the Generation Z demographic.

28% of Google Plus visitors are in the Millennial demographic.

23% of Google Plus visitors are in the Generation X demographic.

Google Plus represents 3% of the total North American social sharing, 4% of the total European social sharing and 2% of the total Asian social sharing: making it a steady influencer on international SEO.

These statistics prove the value of this network, highlighting both its key demographics and its global appeal. Through consistent, relevant postings individuals can achieve SEO success - particularly on the Google engine itself, with all content indexed quickly and social posts pushed through SERPs.

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