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landing page seo company vancouver bcLanding pages are far more than strings of code and keywords. They’re also the best way to generate local leads, with engines propelling them to the top of SERPs, ad spaces and more.

This propulsion only happens, however, if the pages are locally optimized.

To achieve strong SEO results content creators must include the following information on each of their store landing pages:

NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) information.

Social media icons and contact links.

Store hours.

Store services (be precise with descriptions, appealing to both engines and consumers with clear, concise inventory listings).

Store photos.

Store directions (embed maps whenever possible to attract engines).

Inbound links to promotions and content.

These elements combine to optimize each page for local searches, allowing companies to generate traffic, sales and social authorities. They validate stores for search engines and ensure consistent indexing - and this proves essential for SEO.

To learn more about local landing pages contact Webstager today! We’ll be happy to create optimized content for you and your store.

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