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linkedin seo company vancouver bcIn 2003 LinkedIn arrived on the social scene, introducing the world to business-centric content. Unlike its competitors - which focused on casual networking and image pinning - this platform delivered a flurry of job postings, brand pages and employment profiles. It was intended to redefine the hiring process.

That intention recently shifted toward niche SEO domination.

LinkedIn has become a marketing mecca, connecting users to optimized content and endless B2B opportunities. Consider these statistics, as provided by Main Street Host:

LinkedIn’s active membership count, as of 2015, exceeds 300 million.

LinkedIn delivers more website traffic leads than any other social platform.

LinkedIn generates more B2B leads than any other social platform.

LinkedIn ranks as the top distributor for optimized B2B content.

LinkedIn members report increased sales, with 50% of consumers more likely to purchase from sites with these accounts.

These stats prove the importance of LinkedIn, with the community channeling SEO into highly specific - and highly profitable - results. It’s the ultimate social media experience for brands.

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