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responsive mobile seo design vancouver bcOn April 21st the SEO world experienced Mobilegeddon - a series of algorithmic changes implemented by Google, intended to redefine smartphone searches and content rankings. Writers, editors and app creators crossed their fingers in anticipation of this keyword fallout.

Recently, however, they’ve begin to unclench... because the effects of Mobilegeddon have been less than dramatic.

According to a study by Search Metrics, Google’s platform changes has wreaked little havoc on the overall rankings of content:

Non-Mobile Friendly Sites: -0.21 position decrease.
Mobile-Friendly Sites: +0.20 position increase.

Amount of Mobile-Friendly Sites (Pre-April 21st): 68%
Amount of Mobile-Friendly Sites (Post-April 21st): 71%

Amount of Non-Friendly Mobile Sites (Pre-April 21st): 32%
Amount of Non-Friendly Mobile Sites (Post April 21st) 29%

These statistics prove little change to SEO content, with most sites keeping their approximate SERP positions. While there has been a (slight) increase in responsive URL design, many platforms still remain desktop-only. Mobilegeddon didn’t usher in a new wave of smartphone-ready design.

It only showcased the need for it.

To learn more about Mobilegeddon and its affect on SEO contact Webstager today!

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