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what is negative seoYou wake to a world gone mad: your site has been flagged for manipulative practices; your content has been duplicated, passed from blog to blog; and your reviews have plummeted. You don’t understand. How could this have happened?

Webstager is sad to report that you’ve been the victim of negative SEO.

Negative SEO is the process of deliberately undermining a site through black-hat tactics, such as: pasting unindexed content across the web, writing a series of bad reviews and even creating extensive spammy back-links. These elements hurt a company’s overall SERP position.

They can be combated, however, with help from Webstager.

The best way to defend against negative SEO is to have a strong domain authority. We provide that. Our consistent content and extensive page building ensures better engine recognition. The text and images we create are indexed extensively through Google, Bing and beyond: which builds a level of trust between our clients and search crawlers.

And with that trust comes security, with engines less likely to flag your site for black-hat practices and more likely instead to delete all supposed offenses. We make your content a tangible - and reliable - part of the Internet.

Negative SEO is not a common practice. It does, however, occur and must be guarded against. Webstager will provide you with the tools needed to protect your company and your reputation.

Contact us today to learn more.

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