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Hi Resolution WebCam Gear Up

(Posted on May 27, 2009 at 01:11AM )
Anticipation mounts as we gear up for installation of Hi Res web cams for the extreme wilderness and remote viewing of Wild Grizzlies and other wild creatures.

"Today is a spectacular day and a great showing of the kinds of images we will be capturing in the wilderness for the entire planet to view live. We've been running the cams live for the past few months in BC's extreme weather without a hitch!"; reports Steven Arsenault, CEO WebStager, the parent company behind ThemeGreen.com.

"The technology to be able to power these cameras in the remote locations they will be placed, then the satellite technology to transmit the images live so anyone visiting our specially designed bear platform powered by our very own ThemeGreen is amazing

I am just excited to see what the next few years brings us. Being able to deliver images of wild creatures and their private lives brings extreme
visibility to these creatures and their habitat - then have people use our platforms in a social networking environment to collaborate, share and exchange ideas about this worthy cause. As more people become aware of wild creatures, they will care more and become involved in global causes.

We expect great things to evolve from this endevour!"

(To learn more about the bear project or join the movement - http://themegreen.com/bears/ )

Click the image above to experience the Hi Res Web Cam live (5 second image change)

This is a sample of the image quality. Following the live link will give viewers a glimpse of the quality of the images we'll be transmitting live towards the end of the summer giving the planet a glimpse into the private lives of wild creatures.

WebStager is working with a well known production company on a made for TV series on this exciting undertaking.

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