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video seo company vancouver bcSEO is no longer confined to text and images. It’s instead shifting to videos - with pixels delivering traffic, sales and brand authority. Creating dynamic footage promises high SERPs.

That promise can only be kept, however, by optimizing your production files.

Syncing videos onto your website isn’t enough to attract engines. You must instead fuse them with indexable information, helping to push them past the competition and into the search stratosphere. We suggest:

Take Advantage of Closed Captions

Closed Captions may prove frustrating to write (especially for technical tutorials or lengthy promotions). They will also, however, prove key to video domination: generating more content for engines to scan, index and rank.

Use the Right Tags

Search engines thrive on tags. Be sure, therefore, to link meta-data into every video - filling the headline, content box and brand page with searchable, relevant descriptions.

Optimize the Filenames

Cataloguing your footage by date and location streamlines the compiling process. It doesn’t, however, improve your SERP results. Optimize every name instead with a localized keyword, helping engines further rank your content.

The SEO journey is long. These simple steps, however, will make it far more pleasant... and far more productive. Increase your video marketing through closed captions, tagging and filename corrections.

To learn more contact Webstager today.

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