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local seo company vancouver bcA series of addresses and directory listings, a collection of title tags and page URLs: localized data shapes your site, with all HTML elements optimized. You’ve fused every page with Webmaster tools, certain they will attract engine crawlers and generate high SERPs.

Webstager knows, however, that local SEO goes far beyond source codes. It instead requires consistent (and relevant) content - with real-time data powering consumer interest and search queries alike. Pair every city-centric strategy with these localized options:

Case Studies

Create case studies to showcase both your services and your client base. These studies - which should feature references to local businesses, addresses, phone numbers and more - will provide tangible proof of your community involvement.

Local News

Local events make the local news, and your participation can as well. Sponsoring a promotion, festival or community drive? Create a flurry of social posts about it, driving traffic through phrase match queries and long-tail keywords.

Client Testimonials

According to Bright Local, 72% of consumers let online reviews shape their opinions about businesses. Integrating client testimonials is essential, therefore, in establishing your company as a local force.

By incorporating these content options onto your site, you ensure a greater local presence - one that will fuel high rankings and steady traffic.

To learn more about local SEO contact us today.

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