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twitter seo company vancouver bcIn the world of SMS platforming Twitter reigns supreme - delivering micro-blog messages to over 500 million users and generating a series of trends, tags and indexable moments. This network distinguishes itself from the competition through open source interfacing and byte-sized formats. It’s become a SEO necessity.

If content is posted at the wrong time, however, it becomes a SEO dead-zone.

When launching a Twitter strategy, users must understand that all posts are not created equal. Some will rise among the ranks, while others will instead become lost in the media crowd - and it’s often because of scheduling. Learn when to sync content to ensure greater exposure and higher CTRs.

Consider these suggestions, as provided by BufferApp:

Weekdays deliver +14% B2B engagements.

Weekends produce +4% B2C engagements.

Afternoon posts (particularly those centered around 5:00 p.m.) generate 6% of all total retweets, yielding the best results.

Afternoon posts (particularly those at noon and 6:00 p.m) generate the highest spikes in click-throughs.

Understand both the type of content - B2B or B2C - that’s to be posted and how it applies to the Twitter timeline. This will improve results for all social SEO strategies.

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