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local seo company vancouver bcThe customer is always right. In the world of local SEO, however, the customer is the cornerstone on which every strategy rests.

Local SEO has one purpose - to drive traffic to web pages, targeting consumers through proximity and relevant content. These elements alone, however, aren’t enough to sustain viable sales. Instead marketers must understand the needs of their consumers (beyond keywords, conversions and social media).

According to Search Engine Land, users will choose local businesses over national chains based on:

Personalized Service: 96%
Trustworthiness: 91%
Customer Relations: 88%
Quality Products and Services: 86%
Reliability: 79%
Professional Staffers: 75%
Stability: 30%
Competitive Prices: 23%

The key to success isn’t local SEO. It’s instead the ability to fuse this tactic with superior service and products. Marketing will only lead consumers to the door. It’s up to the company itself to guide them through.

Launching a new local SEO strategy? Contact Webstager today! We’ll happily help you create content that showcases your brand’s value.

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