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mobile video seo company vancouver bcAn image is worth a thousand words. A moving image, however, is worth a higher SERP.

Consumers are on-the-go and in-the-know, channeling their local searches through mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more). Capturing their attentions often proves challenging - especially for those refusing to incorporate mobile videos into their sites and media channels.

Mobile videos deliver incredible results, utilizing the SEO format for a digital audience. Consider these statistics, as provided by SingleGrain:

Landing pages featuring mobile videos experience 800% more conversions than those that don't.

88% of consumers stay on - and more frequently return to - sites with mobile videos.

64% of consumers are more likely to purchase products or services after viewing mobile videos.

40% of consumers visit brick-and-mortar stores after watching mobile videos.

46% of consumers actively pursue extra information about products or services after watching mobile videos.

52% of consumers say that they’re more confident with their purchases after viewing mobile videos.

These numbers prove a definitive trend toward mobile conversions and downloadable content - and websites must take advantage of it. Embrace responsive design now to ensure steady sales in the future.

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social media seo company vancouver bcWith great social power comes greater in-store success.

Social SEO - which combines optimized data with niche digital channels, targeting key demographics through automated postings - reigns supreme. The endless wave of shares and tweets builds every brand’s presence, and real-time metrics help to analyze (and adapt) content as needed.

An unexpected value of this process, however, is its impact on in-store purchasing. Those with established social brands will find themselves experiencing a rise in profits, traffic and local success.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Deloitte:

45% of North American consumers believe that online content makes in-store shopping easier.

29% of North American consumers are more likely to make same-day in-store purchases after visiting a brand’s media channels.

67% of North American consumers read online product reviews before making in-store purchases.

33% of North American consumers spend more in-store after visiting a brand’s media channels.

These statistics prove the power of social SEO, with consumers engaged both online and in the real world. Through a strong media presence, companies can better connect with their audiences: offering a steady stream of promotional content, reviews, inventory listings and more. This translates to higher in-store ratios and improved sales.

To learn more about social SEO contact Webstager. We’ll be happy to create a custom strategy for your brand.

social network seo company vancouver bcVirtual marketing was once an uncertain process. Content creators stepped slowly from their print ads, nudging text toward gateway pages and then-unproven blogs. Resistance was high but results were undeniable, and SEO strategies eventually reigned supreme.

Throughout the years these strategies have evolved - branching into micro-sites, video channels, niche directory posts and more. The most popular method, however, is social SEO. This process (which combines network automation with localized tags) provides direct connections between companies and consumers, and it’s become an essential element of long-term branding.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Postcron:

93% of SEO marketers use social media.

70% of SEO marketers use Facebook to gain new customers.

70% of SEO marketers use Google Plus to gain new customers.

34% of SEO marketers use Twitter in their lead generation strategies.

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are the most popular networks used by SEO marketers.

Flickr, Tumblr and StumbleUpon are the least popular networks used by SEO marketers.

Networks shapes SEO and Webstager knows they will continue to inspire SERPs, sales and social authorities in the future.

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seo company vancouver bcYou’ve just finished a SEO masterpiece - a blog stuffed with compelling content, localized keywords and a series of tag-infused images. It’s certain to impress your many followers and inspire endless network shares. This will be your social triumph.

It’s instead a social failure, with few clicks and fewer comments. You’re frustrated; you’re confused; you’re... posting on the wrong day.

SEO content demands more than back-links and engine-friendly phrasing. It also demands an understanding of user traffic patterns, with every post scheduled for the appropriate times. Consider these statistics of marketing responses, as provided by DazeInfo:

Sunday: 11.84% of total traffic.
Monday: 14.47% of total traffic.
Tuesday: 15.04% of total traffic.
Wednesday: 15.59% of total traffic.
Thursday: 15.77% of total traffic.
Friday: 14.53% of total traffic.
Saturday: 12.75% of total traffic.

Through these percentages content creators can clearly see a click-through pattern, with most traffic centered around the mid-week. Conversion numbers, conversely, plummet on Saturday and Sunday. It’s important for writers, editors and other SEO strategist to study this information and apply it to their posts.

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youtube marketing seo vancouver bcOptimized content is written content. This is the assumption shared by many marketing companies. Information is to be - neatly, concisely - presented through blogs and gateway pages. Text ensures SEO success.

This isn’t false. It’s merely not entirely true.

SEO marketing has changed within the last decade. With the introduction of social networks, niche directories and third-party apps content has shifted toward a multi-media design - and those rooted in traditional formats are falling behind in both SERPs and sales.

It’s essential, therefore, to embrace all forms of SEO: especially YouTube videos.

YouTube delivers exceptional marketing opportunities for content creators, offering immediate access to key demographics and creating endless promotional streams. Consider these statistics, as provided by Clickz:

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month.

More than 6 billion hours of footage are watched each month on YouTube.

64% of users say that watching videos makes them more willing to purchase a product.

75% of users say that videos increase their understandings of products and services.

81% of the users on YouTube are in the crucial 14-to-18 demographic.

These statistics prove the value of YouTube. The site allows marketers to effortlessly create, post and manage their content - all while connecting to the world’s second largest internal search engine.

Blogging is simply not enough.

To learn more about incorporating YouTube videos into your SEO strategy contact Webstager today!

social networking seo company vancouver bcIn 1973 the Community Memory was launched. This mainframe network - which was synced to multiple servers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area - utilized a rudimentary series of tags, keywords and classifications to create online conversations. It was the first public forum dedicated purely to communication.

It was also the start of social SEO.

Social SEO - which is the process of optimizing content for networks - has become a cornerstone of media marketing. Writers and editors alike devote their days to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other key directories: all in hopes of attracting local audiences.

Which of these directories proves best, however, for securing sales? A recent study from DazeInfo reveals how users are spending their time online:

YouTube: 3:49 average daily use.

Facebook: 3:16 average daily use.

Twitter: 2:54 average daily use.

Pinterest: 2:18 average daily use.

Facebook (Mobile): 2:04 average daily use.

Building a strong social presence on YouTube and Facebook proves crucial for modern marketing. These networks reign supreme, impacting consumer content and driving traffic. Use them to succeed.

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mobile seo company vancouver bcIn 1999 Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo introduced the world to online searches, fusing their signature flip-phone with TCP/IP capabilities. This service - which utilized Wireless Markup Language and DLP protocols - connected users to the web and launched the first responsive platform.

It also created the need for mobile SEO... and that need continues to grow even now.

Mobile traffic has expanded approximately 125% during the last year. (BrightEdge)

50% of all organic searches start on mobile devices. (Digital Marketing Philippines)

88% of all mobile searches are used to find local businesses. (Digital Marketing Philippines)

50% of users who rely on mobile searches to find local businesses visit those businesses within the same day. (Digital Marketing Philippines)

88% of SEO marketers cite mobile searches as crucial to their successes. (BrightEdge)

Mobile SEO is on the rise and will continue to increase its cultural, economical and technological presence for many years to come. Keeing pace with smartphone demands, therefore, is essential. Content creators must embrace fluid navigation and web-friendly strategies.

Need help with this? Contact Webstager! We’ll provide responsive formatting options to keep your site at the forefront of all mobile searches.

google seo company vancouver bcIn 1998 Google introduced the world to organic rankings, delivering targeted results to every query, question and keyword string. It redefined data indexing and seamlessly connected users to the information they craved. It was an undeniable success.

And now it’s an undeniable force in SEO.

Want to conquer optimization? Google remains the leading engine for SEO results, connecting writers, editors and coders to organic strategies and responsive algorithms.

Want to know more? Check out these statistics:

Google processes over 40,000 search queries a minute, making it the most popular engine available. (Bloomberg)

The first page of Google receives 91% of all organic search clicks. (Moz)

The Top Three results on Google receive 61% of all organic search clicks. (TechCrunch)

Websites with 30 or more pages generate 7x more Google leads, proving the importance of optimized content. (MarketingCharts)

SEO leads on Google deliver a 14.6% close rate, compared to a 1.4% outbound rate. (HubSpot)

Google reigns supreme among search engines. It also strengthens SEO, rewarding organic techniques with top SERPs, higher leads and enhanced conversions - and what’s better than that?

To learn more about the relationship between Google and SEO contact us today!

organic seo company vancouver bcPaid searches reign supreme: this is the promise offered by endless PPC companies, all donning their black hats as they stuff the engines with ads and hyperlinks. Rankings can be secured, they swear, through cost-per-click strategies. Make a bid for first place!

This idea sounds so appealing. We’re afraid, however, that it’s little more than words on a page - because it’s 2015 and bids no longer suffice.

Consider these statistics, as provided by Business2Community:

70% of the links users click on are organic, not paid.

60% of all organic clicks are made in the Top 3 SERPs.

Companies that utilize organic SEO have 97% more inbound links than those who rely on PPC.

This - when compared to the 70% of users who actively ignore paid search ads - proves the necessity of organic techniques. Webstager embraces those techniques. We understand that SEO is meant to naturally lead content through the indexes, which is why we rely on: real-time marketing, responsive design and intuitive platforms. 

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seo company vancouver bcThe new year began with dark tidings. SEO, the critics claimed, was dead - unable to generate the necessary traffic, unable to inspire sales. It was a method immune to the times, and it had finally sputtered out.

With all due respect to the would-be gurus and engine experts: SEO is still very much alive and very much needed. Want proof? Check out these statistics!

57% of marketers admit that SEO provides their best lead generation results. (SalesStaff)

33% of marketers say that SEO, along with social media networking, provides their best inbound channel results. (HubSpot)

SEO leads are eight times more likely to close into customers than outbound leads. (HubSpot)

Over the last six months 52% of marketers have increased their SEO marketing attempts. (HubSpot)

100% of users will notice SEO results (or organic traffic) while 70% of users will ignore paid ads. (User Centric)

Do these numbers suggest a dying method? Webstager doesn’t think so - which is why we continue to embrace SEO and its many values.

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