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seo company vancouver bcThe new year began with dark tidings. SEO, the critics claimed, was dead - unable to generate the necessary traffic, unable to inspire sales. It was a method immune to the times, and it had finally sputtered out.

With all due respect to the would-be gurus and engine experts: SEO is still very much alive and very much needed. Want proof? Check out these statistics!

57% of marketers admit that SEO provides their best lead generation results. (SalesStaff)

33% of marketers say that SEO, along with social media networking, provides their best inbound channel results. (HubSpot)

SEO leads are eight times more likely to close into customers than outbound leads. (HubSpot)

Over the last six months 52% of marketers have increased their SEO marketing attempts. (HubSpot)

100% of users will notice SEO results (or organic traffic) while 70% of users will ignore paid ads. (User Centric)

Do these numbers suggest a dying method? Webstager doesn’t think so - which is why we continue to embrace SEO and its many values.

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