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mobile seo company vancouver bcIn 1999 Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo introduced the world to online searches, fusing their signature flip-phone with TCP/IP capabilities. This service - which utilized Wireless Markup Language and DLP protocols - connected users to the web and launched the first responsive platform.

It also created the need for mobile SEO... and that need continues to grow even now.

Mobile traffic has expanded approximately 125% during the last year. (BrightEdge)

50% of all organic searches start on mobile devices. (Digital Marketing Philippines)

88% of all mobile searches are used to find local businesses. (Digital Marketing Philippines)

50% of users who rely on mobile searches to find local businesses visit those businesses within the same day. (Digital Marketing Philippines)

88% of SEO marketers cite mobile searches as crucial to their successes. (BrightEdge)

Mobile SEO is on the rise and will continue to increase its cultural, economical and technological presence for many years to come. Keeing pace with smartphone demands, therefore, is essential. Content creators must embrace fluid navigation and web-friendly strategies.

Need help with this? Contact Webstager! We’ll provide responsive formatting options to keep your site at the forefront of all mobile searches.

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