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social networking seo company vancouver bcIn 1973 the Community Memory was launched. This mainframe network - which was synced to multiple servers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area - utilized a rudimentary series of tags, keywords and classifications to create online conversations. It was the first public forum dedicated purely to communication.

It was also the start of social SEO.

Social SEO - which is the process of optimizing content for networks - has become a cornerstone of media marketing. Writers and editors alike devote their days to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other key directories: all in hopes of attracting local audiences.

Which of these directories proves best, however, for securing sales? A recent study from DazeInfo reveals how users are spending their time online:

YouTube: 3:49 average daily use.

Facebook: 3:16 average daily use.

Twitter: 2:54 average daily use.

Pinterest: 2:18 average daily use.

Facebook (Mobile): 2:04 average daily use.

Building a strong social presence on YouTube and Facebook proves crucial for modern marketing. These networks reign supreme, impacting consumer content and driving traffic. Use them to succeed.

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